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Understanding the Importance of Vedic Astrology in Modern Times


Vedic astrology is an ancient concept of making predictions. While it has stemmed from the Hindu culture, it has captured the imagination in the west too, however is quite different and considered more reliable than western astrology.

Generally, astrology helps people with prediction and interpretations associated with their important life aspects such as money, career, health, marriage and family.  

Most of us are associated with astrology in one way or another. You must check your daily predictions in the newspaper’s zodiac section. We seek astrological services when it comes to marriage, finance and career. It is common to visit an astrologer to seek a solution

It is also an efficient tool in determining one’s strength, weaknesses, demeanour and traits. Dubbed as the “eye of the Vedas’’, Vedic astrology is considered as the driving force and said to derive truth and self-knowledge. 

As we are living in the modern age dominated by technology, this question is worth asking—

Is Vedic astrology still relevant? Is it a hoax? 

Well, Vedic astrology is still relevant as it was before.

Secondly, it is not a hoax as it is the science of celestial effects over our lives. It represents our connection with the universe, how it impacts our behaviour and the future course of events. Each of the planets in the solar system emits certain radiation and energy which impact us both biologically and psychologically. These vibes cannot be seen to the naked eye. 

Vedic astrology helps us understand their effect on us and provides valuable insights into personal matters as well as worldly affairs such as natural disasters and problems in the country. 

But keep in mind that astrology cannot change the future. It doesn’t tell exactly how things will take place. Instead, it just gives you hints and reveals the positive and negative tendencies in one’s horoscope based on planetary placement. 

As it shares a strong relationship with astronomy and close interpretations, Vedic astrology is still considered reliable in the modern world.

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