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The Nakshatra Series — Ashwini Nakshatra


We begin the Nakshatra series with the first Nakshatra- Ashwini. It is deemed among the most auspicious nakshatras in Vedic astrology. Placed between 0’ to 13.20’, it falls within the Aries sign and is best associated with the elements of Ketu. Let’s dive in to know more about it.

Ashwini Nakshatra: Elements in Males

Symbolized by a golden armoured horsehead, a male born in the Ashwini Nakshatra is naturally blessed with good looks and incredible zest for life! A broad forehead, deep shiny eyes, and a striking big nose are some common facial characteristics to spot them in a crowd easily. Ashwini Kumara is a ‘people’s person’ who would take any pain to sort the lives of those whom he genuinely loves. Their serene and sensitive personality attributes them to being “incredible listeners and guides”. They are resistant to constraints and control, and take criticism too seriously, which at times, stops them from challenging the established orders of society. That’s why they are comfortable leading their life with the philosophy of being “Jack of all trades, Master of none”!

Profession Orientation of Ashwini Males

While the Ashwini males can be good at anything, they fit into professions where they are not constrained by control. This makes the business and creative fields suitable for them.  generally, their career takes a boost after 30 years. They will find art, advertising, music, and literature fascinating. They can also be great athletes, physicians, and skilled druggists. Anything self-owned would make them happy carrier-wise!

Health of Ashwini Males

No serious health issues are associated with the males of this nakshatra. However, seasonal infections and allergies may come and go. At times, slight body aches and dental issues can be avoided if taken care of. In later years, they can have chest pain or bone-related health problems that shouldn’t be overlooked as chances of something serious can be foreseen.

Ashwini Nakshatra: Elements in Females

Think twice before you tame the quickness and courage of an Ashwini woman! These golden-armoured horsewomen, just like their male counterparts are known for their attractive features and healing energies. They have bright enchanting eyes, a nice-looking long nose, and a broad forehead. Ashwini Kumari possesses a modern outlook that is blended with the culture and traditions weighed by perfection. Sweet speaking skills, make them good administrators.  They have calm, composed, and an adventurous soul that is ready to take risks in life and open to new learnings. They are good listeners and comforters during the hard times of life. On the downside, they can be arrogant, stubborn, and over-sexed. Their spontaneous and materialistic-oriented attitude can become obstacles in life.

Profession Orientation of Ashwini Females

A profession that comes with a rich combination of communication and command is likely to fit in for the Ashwini Females. They have an enchanting aroma and therefore a career that involves an admin decorum suits their personality the best. They can be good diplomats, doctors, physiotherapists healers, etc. These women are impressive homemakers. These women also tend to retire early to serve the welfare of society at later age.

Health of Ashwini Females

They will enjoy good health with a slight probability of facing minor issues related to menstrual health and the brain if things do not happen under their control. However, it is advised that they need to take special attention while driving and cooking. Special attention must be taken when near a fire.

2023 General Forecast for Ashwini Nakshatra

Health-wise this year seems favourable for the Ashwini Nakshatra borns. However, if you have a spouse or soul mate then he or she might face health highs and lows that might concern you. Also, the mid-year months can be slightly low for your parents but they will overcome these minor health problems soon so nothing to worry about. Your children are likely to stay hale and hearty throughout the year!

Financially, this year is going in your favour but do not plan to include any savings in the stock market. The benefits of previous investments are likely to come as a reward.

The career for the working group is going to be rewarding with increments and bonuses. However, the year is unlikely for those engaged in business as their partners can mislead you. You also have to be very careful with all the business dealings that you make.

Relationships are going to be overall soothing. It is a great time to resolve the indifferences between your family and friends. However, issues with spouses will come up intermittently regarding household matters and concerns.

That’s all about Ashwini Nakshatra, if you have more queries and questions about it then contact me for a deeper analysis.

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