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The Nakshatra Series – Bharani Nakshatra


Next in the series is the Bharani Nakshatra. Bharani or ‘the star of creativity and determination’ falls second in the list of birth stars of Vedic Astrology. Placed between 13-20’ to 26-40’, it falls within the Aries sign and is best associated with the elements of Venus. Its formation involves a combination of three stars, giving it a symbol of ‘yoni’ or the ‘female reproductive organ’, making them have all the feminine qualities like creating and nurturing. Their ‘go-getter’ attitude generally makes them live a king-size luxurious life.  Lord Yama is the presiding deity. This rare combination of destruction and creativity makes the personalities born in this Nakshatra swing between the cycle of life and death, good and evil’. Here are some of its chief characteristics…

Male Personalities of Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Males are blunt and outspoken as they are always mindful of their consciousness. Their honest-spoken nature at times backfires and people generally end up not liking them. However, the intentions of such males are always pure and they also tend to take care not to hurt someone purposely. They have a great ‘let go’ sensibility. So, to get things back to normal with males of this Nakshatra, all you have to do is sincerely apologize and they will forgive as if nothing ever happened!

Professional Prospects of Bharani Nakshatra Males

They are all-rounders and therefore any kind of profession is suitable for these men. All they have to take care of is to begin their business or any other professional activity from an eastern direction. Though the entire time is favourable for experiencing rewarding career growth, the Bharani men explicitly see a positive professional change after 33-35 years of age.

Health and Family Life of Bharani Nakshatra born Males

They will have plenty of health fortune throughout. They are mindful of eating habits and will only face health issues in the later years of life when body aches, dental problems, diabetes, and skin allergies like ringworms may bother them.

His compatibility with his father will be the weakest and the support of friends and maternal uncles will be cherishable. Even though these men love their families deeply, they’ll not be reciprocated the same for their stubborn attitude.

Female Personalities of Bharani Nakshatra

Bold and independent, a Bharani woman is a natural charmer having a powerful character. She rules life by her own norms and does nothing that goes against her heart and will. Having an inclination of respect and compassion for the elderly and parents, these women are admired by all. They are their own breadwinners who are optimistic and impulsive and are comfortable living a life of independence.

Professional Prospects of Bharani Nakshatra Females

These women are driven with abundant motivation to work independently and therefore they well as businesswomen, sportspersons, receptionists, travel guides, and salespersons. The Bharani females can nail any job with their utmost determination and creative sense. She will never wait but will ‘act’ when it comes to making a career about which they are hardcore passionate.

Health and Family Life of Bharani Nakshatra Born Females

have to be mindful of tuberculosis and slight menstrual issues. Otherwise, they are going to have good health throughout their lifespan. When it comes to relationships, these women have great compassion for their family and friends but on the flip side, their bold and outspoken nature might end them up having issues with their in-laws. She would generally enjoy the control in the house. Anytime around 23 years she’ll develop an interest in marrying and settling into a deeper relationship.

Bharani Nakshatra Dates



01 Jan 2023


28 Jan 2023


25 Feb 2023


24 Mar 2023


20 Apr 2023


18 May 2023


14 June 2023


11 July 2023


08 Aug 2023


04 Sep 2023


01 Oct 2023


29 Oct 2023


25 Nov 2023


22 Dec 2023

     Beginning Time

12:48 (01 Jan)


19:06 (28 Jan)


03:27 (25 Feb)


13:22 (24 Mar)


23:11 (20 Apr)


07:22 (18 May)


13:40 (14 June)


19:04 (11 July)


01:16 (08 Aug)


09:26 (04 Sep)


19:27 (01 Oct)


04:54 (29 Oct)


14:56 (25 Nov)


21:36 (22 Dec)

      Ending Time

        14:24 (02Jan)


20:21 (29 Jan)


03:59 (26 Feb)


13:19 (25 Mar)


22:59 (21 Apr)


07:29 (19 May)


14:12 (15 July)


19:43 (12 July)


01:32 (09 Aug)


09:05 (05 Sep)


18:24 (02 Oct)


04:42 (30 Oct)


14:05 (26 Nov)


21:19 (23 Dec)


2023 Generic Prediction for Bharani Nakshatra

Health- Keep the normal health routine in check and you are good to go healthwise. If you are already under some health condition then expect a recovery soon. Overall, there won’t be any major health disturbance in 2023. Take out some ‘me time’ to keep it smooth going.

Career and Finance- Professional fronts are also supportive of you this year. Just be careful and try to postpone the development-related decisions until March. May onwards is a great time for new learning and professional growth. Howsoever, this might not be a prosperous year financially except for the starting months. You must stay mindful of the expenses and finance-related matters from the mid-months to the end of 2023.

Relationships- Maintain good communication and try to be understanding as this year is going to put you under unnecessary relationship arguments, troubling your emotional health and taking away your precious time. Act maturely to figure out things. March especially is the time to ‘Check your Calm’.

That’s all about Ashwini Nakshatra, if you have more queries and questions about it then contact me for a deeper analysis.

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