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The Mane Mantra: Hair Loss and Astrology


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yes. However, the beholder wouldn’t certainly miss out on the bald patch or thinning hair you are restlessly trying to treat. Your hair and hair growth tells a lot about your overall health. Lush, voluminous, hair on the crown is among the symbols of beauty for everyone. It enhances one’s grace and persona, not to forget, it is an important style statement. Everyone wishes to have long, lustrous, hair and their desire to have beautiful hair gets tarnished by experiencing hair fall. Now that you wish to regrow your hair and have tried and tested several remedies that are not working for you, let’s break it you— it is a lot deeper and it may not be your fault entirely.

Now 50-100 strands of hair falling in a day is normal but what about the same level of hair loss with zero nutrition for rejuvenation? Let’s take a look at the best options that could help you from within.

Vedic Astrology & Hair loss

It sounds farcical for some but it is true. A birth chart of a person denotes their characteristics and tells a lot about their lives. Similarly, everything about hair- texture to complications can be figured out from a person’s birth chart.

  • A person’s beauty is represented by Venus. Venus in the third, sixth or eighth house affects the skin. Venus is the character of beauty and keeps the skin glowing and hydrated. Venus acts as the water element to the beauty aspect and enhances it by giving supple and flawless touch to the skin. The layer beneath the hair which is called the scalp needs to be moist and hydrated to keep hair growth healthy. Weak Venus in the kundli would have the hair lack shine and strength.
  • Another planet in relation to hair loss is Mercury. Any sort of deficiency of nutrients related to the skin would be due to weak Mercury. Inauspicious placement of Mercury would lead to the person avoiding green vegetables at all costs and this is an indirect way of losing hair since the person will be lacking essential vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Sun is also taken into consideration when it comes to hair loss. Think about it, it is the sun that burns the skin on exposure but it is the same sun that increases Vitamin D (calcium) in the body. A weak sun in the kundli, especially in the Lagna or aspecting Lagna would not only have the person having low levels of vitamin D but also most likely, be suffering from hair problems.
  • Saturn is the karaka of hair and therefore, if a person has weak placement of Saturn in the birth chart, a person would not only lose hair but also suffer from premature greying.
  • Moon represents the mind and mindset of a person. If the moon is not placed well in the birth chart, a person would dwell into overthinking, stressful and negative mindset. This impacts hair fall and results in hair thinning.
  • Another contributing factor that somehow affects hair health is the planet Mars. Regardless of whether it’s in a Debilitated or exalted position, Mars would affect the Aries, Scorpio, and Leo ascendants (the latter also being a fiery sign). Also, such natives would have hard and rough hair textures.
  • The influence of Rahu anyway does not do good to anyone in particular and in this case as well, Rahu, known to be the Karak of bad decisions and shadow aspects, impacts hair health. It would push the person to eat wrong, junk and unhealthy food. Eventually resulting in hair fall.
  • All the above factors are applicable in Navamsa as well.

What are the remedies for hair fall as per Vedic astrology?

Although the remedies would depend on your birth chart and a lot of other contributing factors, some general remedial measures would help you maintain and improve hair health.

  • Rahu, as mentioned earlier, is not good for hair health. However, the biggest irony of astrology and hair loss here lies in what represents Rahu. Coconut denotes Rahu, among the major reasons why South Indians have lush, dense, healthy hair is because they eat and use a lot of coconuts. It appeases Rahu, and therefore, gives opposite results-good hair health for life. So, use coconut oil for massaging your hair. Include coconut milk in your diet.
  • People with fiery ascendant signs (Aries Lagna, Scorpio Lagna, Leo Lagna) should all the more abstain from washing their hair with hot water or else it would lead to bald patches or thin hair. Such people should also limit protein in their diet.
  • Offering water to Sun, preferably, first thing in the morning would also bring you desired results for your hair. Hair massage using mustard oil would also strengthen the sun in the kundli; aiding hair health.
  • Nothing works better than leading a life without stress. The less stress you take, the more you will protect your hair. This implies your sleep cycle as well. Sleeping well would anyway bring you ample health benefits.

Word to the wise, it is essential to follow remedies and solutions that are applicable only for you. This is why it would be best to get consulted by a Vedic Astrologer to get to the root of the problem and work accordingly.

If hair fall is affecting your self-confidence and delaying the good things in life, let’s take charge and direct your life towards a significant, positive, change.

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