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Alcohol Addiction for Young Adults – Can you predict and overcome using astrology?


Excess of everything is bad, regardless of whether it is materialistic or behavioural. Addiction, in this case, is deemed toxic and therefore, it requires more than just conscience awakening. Truth be told, there are a lot of underlying reasons such as childhood traumas, peer pressure, or the influence of social media that provokes a person and especially young adults to fall into the trap of toxic addictions, the most common being alcoholism.  Alcohol and Vedic astrology have a connection and it has nothing to do with moral failings but the influence of the planets and other celestial objects of the cosmos.

Alcohol and Vedic astrology— what’s the catch?

As you are all aware, astrology can foresee all the twists and turns of your life- the choices you make, and the fate you end up with. The long and short of it remains that it can be predicted whether you are destined to fall prey to alcohol. The idea behind this addiction remains the release of pleasure hormones that makes one feel ecstatic temporarily but makes a person live the moment over and over again by drinking alcohol or consuming drugs. What it actually does is bring physical, mental, and emotional damages to a person.

Alcohol and Vedic astrology can be assessed the same way it can predict other aspects of life. Notice how some people have a powerful sense of entitlement to materialistic pleasures? How do some people lead their lives through several addictions? This can be predicted through the placement of some planets and their conditions in some houses. A lot of factors matter since addiction to intoxicants can be indicated at an early stage to curb it.

Vedic astrology in this case would help detect the indications that may lure a person towards substance abuse.

Factors responsible in Alcohol and Vedic Astrology

  • The kundli or horoscope of a person is the significator of the life path a person is going to lead. The condition of Lagna or ascendant indicates the way of life, moral values, and code of conduct of a person. It will help assess the person’s character that eventually contributes to addictions like alcoholism.
  • The placement of Moon is vital in this case as it signifies the person’s state of mind. How does this link to alcohol and Vedic astrology? Good placement of the moon indicates a strong, stable mind. On the other hand, an afflicted moon signifies a fickle, unbalanced, and depressed mind. The person lives in despair and this makes them vulnerable to toxic agents like alcohol. This is not the case every time but such people should find ways and means to abstain from alcohol.
  • The Scorpio sign represents intoxicants. Therefore, anyone with a strong Scorpio placement in the chart will, without a doubt incline towards liquor and other toxic substances. They will also be obsessive in nature. To know whether you have a strong Scorpio in your Kundli, contact now.
  • Venus is the planet of beauty and luxury, the karaka of pleasures but that’s the thing about pleasures, there is a fine line between contentment and a strong drive for worldly pleasures. The latter is not healthy and positive. An afflicted Venus in the Kundli will get the person hooked to toxic habits like alcoholism, let alone other forms of what they perceive as “happiness”.
  • Saturn is the karaka of karma and good, noble deeds. Malefic placement of Saturn will drive a person to odd situations to an extent of involving in drugs and alcohol. Such natives should themselves be careful and abstain from alcohol as it will make things all the more challenging in life.
  • Rahu, although not given the stature of planet or lord, does give away the most brutal effects where it gets placed. It will get the native to dwell in a depressive and extreme emotional state that will make the person find solace and peace through substance abuse.

Alcohol and Vedic Astrology— Remedial Measures

  • Remedies to strengthen strong planets such as Jupiter, Mars, and Sun would help the person stay away from negative influences.
  • Getting consulted by a Vedic astrologer who can counsel you to help you with alcohol addiction treatment. This way through Vedic astrology, you do not let the odds hamper your journey.
  • Trust Vedic astrology to know if you can have faith in your social circle as some planetary combinations lead you to get attracted to the wrong people in life. This step will help you in nipping evil in the bud.
  • Be consistent in the remedies that are suggested and recommended by the Vedic astrologer. Be positive throughout the journey.

Charity begins at home and so does bad habits and deeds. There is always an underlying reason that leads to self-destruction called alcoholism. Vedic astrology can help you get to the root of the problem and guide you towards a healthy life.

Together we can cure this toxic addiction and bring you the happy normalcy you are looking for in life.
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