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Tell-Tale Truth and History: Tattoos & Vedic Astrology


Tattoos and remedial? Are we sure? Yes!

While most of us could think of no link whatsoever, tattoos should and must be perceived as a symbol, a form of art, a mode to express your faith in something or someone. Tattoos are in no way a new-age trend that has got the youth hooked. The art of tattoos dates back to ages ago. The common factor that binds this body inking art, regardless of the timeline, is that it represents something. Especially in a culture, it has either grown to denote a tribe or belief system.

But did you know tattoos could signify a state of mind as well? It could trigger emotions or feelings that would eventually affect their life path. Think about it, colour therapy or chromotherapy is scientifically proven to have incredible effects on diseases. If colours can make a significant change in one’s life, so can tattoos. After all, you are permanently getting inked and therefore, one must choose their symbol or colour wisely.

So how does Vedic Astrology come into play when it comes to tattoos?

Among many other factors, our life depends on the natural courses that are related to the cosmic objects like planets and stars positioned at the time of our birth and therefore, it so important to choose the right tattoo as it could make or break a mindset.

Tattoo Culture Around the World

Tattoos were mostly hidden from parents, concealed from potential employers, and were perceived as taboo; even in progressive countries like the U.S., a tattoo gave people a hard time mingling with the upper-class community.  A lot has changed and a tattoo is no longer deemed as taboo but seen, in retrospect, as the art that deserves attention. Let’s take a look at how the world perceives tattoos.

  • The NZ Māori tattoos are known for their facial tattoos. The tattoos, a representation of one’s social status, prestige, power, and ranks, these tattoos are still deemed with utmost regard but with time, prefer them on arms, chest, and shoulders. Even in this day and age they are revered and ritualized.
  • Buddhism is not far from the world of tattoos as mandala tattoos are inked that depicts completion, a circle that represents eternity which is a significant part of Buddhist culture.
  • Among the oldest and most evident histories with tattoos has been in Africa. From Egyptian Mummy from 2000 BCE to a source discovered in Libya, African culture showcases a rich history of tattoos.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, tattoos in India never required to become a rage to become popular. They always remained an integral part of India from ancient times as a sign of status, or like a jewellery-like symbol. Right from the rain forests of Brahmaputra valley of the North East to the deserts of Rann of Kutch in the west, the reasons to ink the body have remained diverse.

Vedic Astrology & Tattoos

There are a lot of stories, incidents, and scenarios which leads up to a person getting inclined to get inked. Most of the time, it is an inspiration but many a time, it could also stumble upon as a huge distraction. Ever wondered why a red, fierce creature or art inked on a person’s body make them empowered, while others are constantly feeling submissive or drained.

Symbols represent certain energies and numbers that could correspond or resonate with certain signs and planets but may not align with the energies of others. Given the art of tattoos hasn’t emerged recently, they have had several interpretations around the world.

Did you know inking the body can have the same impact on your body as wearing a ring or opting for colour therapy?

Tattoos are inked on the entire body and instead of choosing random symbols and getting them inked on any body part of your choice, why not opt for something that would bring results.

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet and each body part to every finger of the hand is associated with a specific planet. Let’s take a look

  • Aries (Mars) – Thumb, face, head.
  • Taurus (Venus)- Thumb, neck, ears.
  • Gemini (Mercury)- Little finger, arms, shoulders, hands.
  • Cancer (Moon)- Little finger, around the waist, chest.
  • Leo (Sun)- Ring finger, chest, back.
  • Virgo (Mercury)- Little finger, abdomen area, lower waist region.
  • Libra (Venus)- Thumb, lower back region.
  • Scorpio (Mars)- Thumb,
  • Sagittarius (Jupiter)- Index finger, hips, thighs.
  • Capricorn (Saturn)- Middle finger, below thighs
  • Aquarius (Saturn)- Middle finger, calves, shins, and ankles.
  • Pisces (Jupiter)- Index finger, feet, and toes.

Believe it or not, tattoos when inked on the right finger or body part would bring you immense benefits and vibrations that you will only have to follow to believe it. The right guidance from an astrologer would not only fulfil your aesthetic wish but also guide you towards better wellbeing.

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