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How To Choose a Career According to Astrology?


Vedic Astrology is a science that has been with us for years now. It makes use of zodiac signs, planetary positions, and the entire cosmic positioning, which makes your birth chart. According to the specific place and time of birth, the moon, planets, sun, and stars are all positioned in your birth chart. This framework makes up your relationships, individuality, and life in general.

Career & Vedic Astrology

Our career defines our growth, aspirations, and way of life. Without it, our lives lack the essence of existence. The other aspects of life and their ups and downs depending on the career.

There is hardly anyone who is not worried about their career. Whether it is a career path to choose or a promotion that is getting delayed, everyone is concerned about their career. This is why career consultation and prediction from experienced professionals are imperative.

Astrology can help you improve your professional life. It can suggest you numerous remedies that can help you boost your career. Sometimes, all you need is the right guidance and vision to improve your position in your professional life.

Despite the relevance of Vedic Astrology, our career is a reflection of our family background, upbringing, location, other major influences like our parent’s profession whether a job or business. However, nothing can surpass our zeal to do what we love, it could be a creative path such as singing, dancing, or theatre. It could be something as distinguished as cooking for a living. Such choices do not require a certain background, that is your innate talent calling to be discovered.

But what if it is just a hobby?

Therefore, choosing a career is a lot more complex than it seems. They say to do what your heart wants, but in the end, you must do what your heart and mind settle on. Vedic astrology helps people from different age groups find their career path which is based on a lot of factors.

How Vedic Astrology Influences Career?

Regardless of your field, domain, and background, it is always beneficial to get clarity. Especially in a career, a clear picture, in the beginning, would help to shape your future and way of life. What if you are destined to be a government servant but struggling with research work? What if I tell you that the reason you feel unsatisfied with your prestigious 9 to 5 job is that you are made to run your own business?

Vedic astrology gives you a peek into your worldly engagements that include your career. Naturally, there are some important houses and planets that would be assessed to guide you but what is life without foundation? And therefore, what is a career without education? A person’s inclination towards basic and higher education also reflects their career path.

Astrology is a lot more practical and far-sighted than it appears. A note to the young readers, without solid basic education background and hard work, even the most favourable phases would not work in your favour. This is why you should know where to invest your energy.

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Planetary Combinations relevant for Career

Each planet and house signify a certain career path or inclination towards a profession. However, the most important house and probably the most relevant is the first house or Lagna. This makes the Lagna lord and its placement, the most significant when it comes to career. However, each house has its significance which reflects on our careers.  Let’s take a look at how the Lagna Lord would affect a career path. Take a look at how its placement contributes to the career path.

  • For instance, the native is an Aries ascendant, which makes its Lagnesh- Mars. The first and foremost factor that is to be noted is the nature of the planet. Mars is a fiery planet, the one constant in action, however, it is rigid, and would continue doing the same thing over and over again. A thing to be noted here is that the repetition and monotony fall under its comfort zone. Something goes downhill and they may get anxious or even have hot flashes. Therefore, a career path is suggested that aligns with the nature of an ascendant ruler. In this case, something to do with research which is a never-ending process, there is always something new to excavate; is recommended.
  • The second most important factor which acts as a driving force when it comes to choosing a career in our family. This makes 2nd house an important deciding factor to suggest a career path. This represents that our family and their opinions matter a lot while choosing a profession.  Also, considering the native is an Aries ascendant which makes Venus the ruler of the 2nd house, it would make a person drawn to a career that visually appeals to them and seems appropriate to the family.
  • 3rd house represents communication and related skills. Mercury being the ruler of the third house, if placed in a malefic condition would make you think right but actions would lack expressions. This would lead to a person appearing less confident and convincing which would eventually reflect on their profession. On the other hand, if mercury is well-placed, it would make the person knowledgeable, expressive, and highly communicative and this is why the third house is important in the decision making.
  • Although the fourth house is not deemed the most important factor during career consultations, it does guide the professionals as to where they should work from, in terms of growth and revenue boost. Natives with their Lagnesh in the fourth house are mostly suggested to work from the vicinity of their home. Please note, that is a contributing factor to several other predictions.
  • Another important house that significantly matters is the 5th Sun is the lord of the 5th house and its placement matter as it represents the formative, schooling phase which is essential for everyone. The better the placement, the brighter are the chances to enrol in a reputed school. Regardless of age, it can predict the condition of school life which tells a lot about one’s future from a professional standpoint.
  • The 6th house is taken into consideration as it is the foundation of a person. Any malefic condition developed or created in the 6th house would attract struggles and obstacles. Coincidental losses or missed opportunities related to education and career are common. Remedies are suggested accordingly for steady growth in career.
  • While the 7th house is considered to be the house of spouse and often ignored in terms of career, it is highly significant in this case as it represents your relations with others, partnerships, and how you handle bonds. The growth in your career also depends on the contacts you make, and the networking you do, regardless of your field. It could also signify whether or not you are, after all, profitable for business partnerships or not.
  • The 8th house represents death and depth. If the 8th house comes to relevance, then the person would always be on the lookout for a dark or dim solitary environment. Their mind would mostly be in a passive state and if any unfavourable conditions are dominating the 8th house then it would certainly lead to a weak state of mind. Also, it reflects a native’s formative years as it increases the possibilities of not paying enough attention in class and therefore not fairing good or average score as a student unless they like to gain knowledge on their own while being by themselves (this would make them bright). This does not conclude that such people remain devoid of a good career, instead, career paths are recommended that would best suit this condition.
  • The 9th house represents higher education and therefore, it is among the most relevant houses to be considered when predicting a career path or a career change even. The better its condition, the more remarkable is your academic life. For instance, if the person is an Aries ascendant, Jupiter becomes the lord of the 9th house and therefore, inclination towards religious and spiritual studies is more likely. They are knowledgeable and respected among peers and scholars, and in the same way, it affects adversely if Jupiter is malefic in the Kundli. This assessment is essential as education becomes a significant criterion to predict your career.
  • While the 10th house and its ruler is considered the most important when it comes to career, it is actually an indication of your professional life. If the Lagna lord is placed in the 10th house it guarantees satisfaction on the professional front. For instance, if Lagnesh for an Aries ascendant, Mars, is placed in the 10th house, they will feel empowered and have command over everyone in a respectful manner. It boosts their confidence and they are likely to remain clever but honest in their profession.
  • 11th house represents the public image and any profession depends on it. However, it is mostly assessed after you have chosen a career path. “How” and “how much” are you dealing with the public and what it does for you can be assessed through this house and therefore, it can contribute to a career path.
  • If the Lagnesh is placed in the 12th house, you are destined to have a fruitful career in a foreign land.


  • Is astrology true for Career?

Vedic astrology is true and relevant for a career just like it is reliable for marriage, finance, love and relationship matters, and education. It gives you clarity and direction which is all the more applicable when it comes to a career path as your future depends on it.

  • What is the relationship between houses and careers?

1st house- self-employed

2nd house- Career in finance, banking, publishing, investments, and consultants.

3rd house- Marketing, writing, media, web designing, and advertising.

4th house- Real estate, building materials, vehicles, business from home etc.

5th house- Share market, education, and brokerage etc.

6th house- Litigation services, Chartered accountancy, loan recovery, police, and court etc.

7th house- business partnerships and prospects or business in the name of spouse.

8th house- research and astrology related careers.

9th house- careers related to law, religion, and head of religious institutions.

10th house- Government jobs, public service, and politics.

11th house- Any job related to social work, community service, teaching, and teamwork.

12th house- foreign jobs, career-related to hospitality, travel, and spiritual healing.

  • Which planet is responsible for career?

All Planetary combinations and placements stand significant for career prediction. If there is one planet that could be deemed the most important, it is the ascendant planet/ ruler.

  • Will I get a job in 2021 astrology?

Times are favourable for some and moderate for others. Personalized reading of the birth chart is necessary to clarify whether or not this year is favourable for you in terms of career.

A word to the wise, although Vedic astrology is a great way to find your career path, it would be best to secure your academic credentials. Basic education qualifications should never be neglected and hard work always gives fruitful results. Astrologers should be consulted for career counselling to settle for a career path that is destined only for you.

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