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Nutrition & Vedic Astrology — The Age-old Nourishment

Dosha Element Planets Signs Foods to eat Foods to avoid
VATA Air Mercury (primary), Saturn (primary), Venus (secondary) Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius Soft, warm, and moist foods Cold, dried, and bitter foods
KAPHA Earth and Water Moon (primary), Venus (primary), Jupiter (primary), Saturn (secondary). Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Acidic, filling, and spicy foods. Processed, heavy, and fatty foods.
PITTA Fire Mars, the Sun, Jupiter (secondary) Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio Cold, energizing, sweet, and light foods. Spicy, sour, and heavy foods.

September is deemed as the Nutrition Month; it is observed so as to highlight the importance of Nutrition and food for that matter. As per Ayurveda, there are three main types of Doshas, divided into five elements- ether, water, air, earth, fire.  Vedic astrology has fused these doshas into the classic elements of the ruling planets of your sign.

Let’s take a quick look at how Vedic astrology perceives nutrition as a whole.


Ruled by Mars and symbolized by male sheep or ram, Ariens are high-spirited fighters and survivors. Giving up does not come easy for Aries. However, to direct this nature towards positivity, it is important for people born under Aries to remain vegetarian. Unless, they are actively involved in professions that require physical exertion like military commanders, sportsperson etc. they are suggested to keep their diet plant-based. Why? It is because the classic element of this sign is the fire that comes innately in an Aries native and therefore, excess of non-vegetarian food would keep them over-energized to unnecessarily involve in combats and brawls. It is not a coincidence that most Ariens are drawn towards spicy food given their pitta dosha.

  • They should eat food that is organically derived.
  • Abstain from non-vegetarian food unless very active physically.
  • Cut down spicy and hot element foods.


Bull signifies the Taurus sign. Quite similar to its symbol, Taureans are calm until provoked. Technically, an earth sign, Taurus has the ability to be filled with lethargy and to get super active and over-worked. Therefore, they must follow a diet that keeps them balanced.

  • Nutrient-rich diet to keep them calm during overwhelming situations.
  • A diet that is full of essentials that keep them active when they feel lazy.
  • A good blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals should be included.
  • Abstain from unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.


Geminis cannot be satisfied with one type of food. They want variety in their meals and mainly two varieties would keep them content. They may eat a pasta dish but would relish it if offered along with a completely different type of dish say an oriental hot pot meal. Ruled by Mercury, curious and inquisitive Gemini would want the best of both worlds in their meals as well.

  • To feel full and nourished include two types of nutrients— a good protein dish and vitamin-rich sides.
  • Include variety for palette satisfaction.


Tough and hard on the exterior and soft on the inside, Cancer is signified by a crab. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians prefer meals that are prepared at home preferably by them or a meal that is beautifully presented and cooked using innovative techniques. They take pride in it.

  • They would not mind a lavish spread that appeals to the eye.
  • Cancerians would feel nourished and full when they cook fresh for themselves.


Another fiery sign but quite different from Aries, Leo represents exactly what the king of the jungle does for his meal—hunt! Ruled by the sun, they love to eat food for which the ingredients are hand-picked. Comfort food that has their favourite vegetable or meat gives them the most nutrition.

  • Leos should abstain from foods that have fiery or hot elements.
  • Minimal uses of spices in their meals will support their wellbeing.
  • If they include any of the above elements in their meals, they should divert their energy towards competitions and major competitive exams to remain charged.


The critical thinkers of all zodiac signs, Virgos love to eat one wholesome meal that is perfectly filled with essential nutrients. Ruled by Mercury, they are conscious of their physique and overall health and therefore, prefer a healthy diet.

  • They should indulge in warm element foods.
  • They should abstain from cold and bitter foods.


Librans just like their symbol (balanced scales) like to keep their meals balanced. Venus keeps them conscious and wary of what they eat.

  • They should not skip meals.
  • Extremely dried foods should be avoided.
  • Warm elements and spices can be included in the diet.


Scorpios, as mysterious as they get, do not shy away from food that appeals to them. They like privacy and this reflects on their meals as well. Therefore, they like to eat alone; it’s how they enjoy food best.

  • Although a water sign, Mars ruling them makes them inclined towards Pitta dosha and therefore, they must control foods with warm elements in their diet.
  • Include light and cool element foods that keep them energized.


Ruled by Jupiter, the free-spirited Sagittarius are always in a hurry and mostly on the move. This reflects on their dietary habits as well; they like to eat fast and mostly indulge in small meals of their liking. They prefer eating aesthetically.

  • Sagittarius should avoid eating too fast.
  • Foods with cooling agents should be included in the diet.


Capricorn signs are half water and half earth and that denotes Kapha dosha. They relish both hot and cold food. They love to light food that is cooked at home. They have a range of preferences right from seafood to exotic vegetables.

  • Capricorns should avoid processed foods.
  • They should include filling and spicy foods in their diet.


Aquarius love everything about food, they love to eat, share, give, and talk about food. They are natural good hosts and therefore, known for their lavish spread. They enjoy food through their palette and words.

  • Ruled by the disciplinarian Saturn, they are required to abstain from bitter foods.
  • Warm element foods would do wonders for their wellbeing.


Pisces, when it comes to food, are pure wonderers. They are possibly the best food critics as they will eat only what’s best (according to them). They review food more than relishing it. Always on the lookout for perfection, Pisces want their food or food around them— flawless.

  • A water sign, although, ruled by Jupiter puts them under Kapha dosha.
  • Intake of unhealthy or bad fats should be avoided.

We are what we eat but with Vedic astrology, we eat what our planets direct us towards. These elements govern us and mould our daily lives. Therefore, you must take note of the dosha and include nutrition accordingly.

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