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Weight Woes and Vedic Astrology – All you Need to Know


With the advent of technology and fast food, things have gone downhill when it comes to overall health and wellbeing. People are suffering from lifestyle diseases that are affecting their way of living. It’s an entire vicious circle. Among these problems, lies a major health concern— Obesity.

There are so many things that can be done to lose weight but often people are unable to get the desired results despite the efforts. For such rigid cases, Vedic astrology can guide you in achieving healthy outcomes.

Weight loss & Vedic Astrology

The world perceives being overweight as unhealthy and unappealing. Although deemed abnormal, obesity according to Vedic astrology has many underlying reasons. Such as-

  • Medications and Steroids.
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Overeating/ substance abuse
  • Physical inactivity
  • Metabolism
  • A side effect of a severe health concern.

Each of the above reasons can affect a person’s life in a variety of ways. However, the problems are usually dealt with when they reach the surface level. Vedic astrology rules out the tendencies that lead to weight gain, overweight, and obesity. According to Vedic astrologers, any sort of health issue and planets go hand in hand. The same goes for weight loss.

Planets responsible for Weight issues & Astrology

  • Jupiter

Weight issues and their association with the planet Jupiter are inseparable. Jupiter is considered the most responsible when it comes to weight. It is known for knowledge and wisdom but it is also responsible for fat deposits in the body. Placement of Jupiter in any house of your kundli would result in fat deposit in the region of the body it denotes. For instance, if Jupiter is placed in the ascendant house, the native will have a round, heavy face. A person with a debilitated Jupiter, on the contrary, will not gain weight easily.

  • Venus

The karaka of luxuries and comfort, although not bad for health could turn into an obsession. This could make a person indulge in addiction food or otherwise. In this case, it could make the person overeat.

  • Sun

Although there is hardly any relation to weight gain, Sun placed in a weak position will push the native to indulge eating habits. Their meals will be far from healthy.

Nakshatra responsible for Weight issues & Astrology

  • Pushya

Vedic astrology works in a variety of ways. Indications, tendencies, and remedies. People born under Pushya nakshatra have medium stature but that does not make them bulky. It is only as they age, they tend to put on weight if they are not careful.

  • Uttar Bhadrapad

This nakshatra makes the person short in height with broad shoulders and a large body. They tend to gain weight easily and therefore, must keep their weight in check.

Planets responsible for Weight loss & Astrology

  • Mars

Although it has nothing to do with weight loss or fat loss, it has a connection with burning calories and generating body heat and energy. Powerful mars will enable the native to have more energy to do vigorous exercises and remain physically active. A debilitated Mars will make the person lazy and inactive. The body won’t burn calories easily.

  • Saturn

Quite opposite to planet Jupiter. A powerful Saturn prevalence in the chart gives the native a lean body.

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Weight Loss

Whether you are suggested to strengthen Mars or Saturn or recommended a gemstone or a chant may be, the solution remains confined to your Kundli. Remedial measures and solutions vary from person to person.


  • Which planet is responsible for weight loss?

Jupiter is deemed as the most responsible for weight-related issues.

  • Which planet is responsible for laziness?

Although there could be several conditions in a Kundli that could make a person lazy. Laziness has a direct correlation with Rahu. It is particularly true if Rahu is placed in the Scorpio sign, it tends to make the native extremely lazy.

  • Is there any mantra for weight loss?

The only mantra to lose weight is to stay consistent and follow the remedies given by your Vedic Astrologer.

  • Which planets are responsible for obesity?

Afflicted Jupiter, Moon, Venus, and Rahu aspecting the ascendant house or lord cause obesity in a person.

Losing weight is challenging and sometimes you need more than a gym trainer and weighing scale. Problems could be deep-rooted and might require correct guidance from an expert. After all, Vedic astrology exists to make your life easier. Get rid of life-threatening health concerns due to weight issues by getting personalized kundli reading.
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