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Navamsa Chart: Most Common Questions & Queries Answered


Destiny keeps us all rooted and tied in knowing what is in store for us. Vedic astrology helps us all unveil the future preordained by divine decree.  Among many forms of chart calculations such as Rashi Chart, Lagna chart, Navamsa chart analysis is given immense importance in the domain of Vedic Astrology.

What is the Navamsa chart?

Navamsa chart originates from the Sanskrit word, Navamsa, which means the Ninth Division. Navamsa breaks down to Nav means Nine and Amsa stand for division. It simply stands for the ninth division of a sign. It is also popularly interpreted as the D9 chart.

How do you calculate a Navamsa chart?

It is a known fact that every sign is of 30 deg. However, this is not the case with Navamsa. The D9 chart will have each sign divided into 9 parts. This way, each division becomes 3 degrees 20 minute. This results in 108 Navamsa.

For instance, the native is Aries ascendant at 10 deg.

  • Divide Aries into 9 equal divisions.
  • The first 3 deg. 20 minute division will be the first Navamsa. This division is Aries itself.
  • Next division that starts from 3 deg. 21 minute to 6 deg. 40 minute will be the second Navamsa which is Taurus.
  • The third Navamsa which is Gemini would start from 6 deg. 41 minute to 10 Deg.
  • Since you were born with lagna deg. 10 your Navamsa lagna will be Gemini.

It would be best to consult an expert for further calculations.

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What is the difference between Lagna and Navamsa charts?

  • Lagna chart is considered the main birth chart. Also known as the D1 chart, it showcases your overall life. Navamsa chart or the D9 chart gives a detailed analysis of your life and destiny mostly surrounding marriage.
  • The detailing lies in the planetary motion. In a Lagna chart, the planetary motion does not change for two hours. However, planetary motion changes every 13-14 minutes in the Navamsa chart; making it comparatively a more reliable source.
  • Lagna chart covers personality, brainpower, financial stability, debts, family, career, health, mental and physical health, and family. The difference here lies in details, Lagna, while representing several aspects cannot give a clear picture as compared to the deeper truth unveiled through Navamsa Chart.

Which is more important Lagna chart or the Navamsa chart?

Lagna chart is believed to have all your Grahas mapped at the time of your birth. Now consider Navamsa chart interpretation as the blueprint of your life with minute details. If the Lagna chart shows a Graha, the Navamsa chart shows the karmic strength of the Graha. Both have their significance in separate domains but Navamsa is known for its preciseness and inherent strength. Still, the importance varies based on your utility and purpose.

How do you read a Navamsa chart?

  • As significant as it is as a divisional chart, reading a Navamsa chart is incomplete without having your birth chart at its side. It is suggested that the Navamsa chart must never be interpreted alone. Connecting the dots or interlinking the situations between D1 and D9 charts are important.
  • Venus is the main significator of the Navamsa chart and therefore, observe where Venus is placed in your D1 as well as D9 chart.
  • Take a look at your D1 chart- which planet holds the highest degree (Atmakaraka Planet)? Now check its position in the Navamsa chart. It signifies your thought process and mindset generally in life and marriage.
  • Next, take a good look at the planet with the second highest degree (Amatyakaraka Planet) in your D1 chart. Check its position in the D9 chart. This is important because it is responsible for the execution of your thought process.
  • If the Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planets are placed together in the D9 chart, a Raj Yog is formed.
  • After assessing your Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka Planets, move to Karak planets and their placements in the D9 chart to see if they are in a positive state or not.
  • Check whether the planets placed in your charts are in Vargottama or not. Vargottama is a condition where one planet occupies the same sign in D1 and D9 charts. This is an auspicious placement, evidently strong and beneficial.
  • Another important step is to assess the 9th house in both charts. Position of 9th house lord and strength of the 9th house since it represents our duties, destiny, and dharma.
  • In the end, check the placement of Lagna lord in the D9 chart. The strength of Lagna lord is significant in doing Navamsa chart analysis.

How can I predict my spouse from Navamsa?

The Navamsa chart prediction for marriage and spouse is possible by assessing the 7th house lord and placement of planets in the 7th house. Take a look

  • Moon-

this is an indication of a beautiful spouse.  Moon in the 7th house indicates an emotional, kind, nurturing personality. The spouse will also be soft-spoken.

  • Sun-

it represents a spouse with immense respect in society. The spouse would also keep their dignity guarded with high self-esteem. They will have a big head, straight hair, and short height and will hail from a reputed family.

  • Mars-

it indicates an aggressive spouse. Also, they could have irritable personalities. These are some of the shadow aspects. On a positive note, they will be energetic, courageous, and bold. They might indulge in a career or a hobby that demands physical activities.

  • Venus-

it represents a caring and loving spouse. This implies to the society as well. they will prefer material comforts, luxury items, and creative arts.

  • Mercury-

this is an indication of an amiable spouse. They will be talkative and communicative. Apart from this, they will also be good in business, writing, and education.

  • Jupiter-

it indicates a spiritual, wise, religious, and intellectual spouse. They will be well-educated and possess a high status in society.

  • Saturn-

it represents a serious spouse. A mature person with a practical mind who take their karmic duties seriously. Slightly but rightly authoritative in nature.

How do I know my love marriage in the Navamsa chart?

When it comes to the Navamsa chart, the most important houses are the seventh and ascendant houses. The latter represents the desires related to marriage. The seventh house is known to signify relationships, married life, spouse, and marriage. Planets like Mars, Moon, and Venus have a significant role to play. According to the Navamsa chart interpretation for love marriage depends on these planets and houses governing these aspects.


  • What happens if Venus is debilitated in Navamsa?

A person with debilitated Venus in the Navamsa chart will not be able to enjoy the luxuries and facilities they were born with or worked for. A female with a debilitated Venus might have a lot of skin problems. In case of a male, he may not have cordial relationships with women. Overall, they may attain materialistic gains but won’t be able to use them for their leisure.

  • What happens if Moon is debilitated in Navamsa?

Moon debilitation in the D9 chart indicates that the native could be emotionally fragile. It is worrisome since it projects the enervated mental health which requires attention and the right remedies or else, the person would, without a doubt, conceal and hold their emotions inside. They won’t express or share their feelings which in turn would harm their health.

  • What happens if Sun is debilitated in Navamsa?

A strong significator like the Sun debilitated in Navamsa chart analysis is not a positive indication. It could represent a life full of struggles despite being diligent and hardworking. They may never be able to get fame and goodwill in life. They will most of the time, strive for the limelight in life.

  • What happens if Mercury is debilitated in Navamsa?

Mercury debilitation in the D9 chart is worrisome because despite your intellect you may not be able to convey it through words. The native may go speechless at the right times and may speak out of turn when not required. Their actions would create odd circumstances for them.

  • What happens if Mars is debilitated in Navamsa?

Debilitated Mars will drain your physical strength. Despite that, the native will indulge in baseless arguments and even brawls. The built-up anger and frustration inside would lead to erratic shifts in mood. The person will be lean and could also have low haemoglobin. The native could also feel like they are not created for the world they live in.

  • What happens if Saturn is debilitated in Navamsa?

Saturn debilitation in the D9 chart causes the person to act cowardly. It affects their will, determination, and courage. This lack of tenacity reflects in their physical strength as well. In case Saturn is exalted in the D1 chart and debilitated in the D9 chart, the person would be filled with enthusiasm on getting lots of work but would hardly make time to convert their plans into actions due to procrastination. They could also get demotivated on seeing a lot of work lined up for them. There will always be a problem or an excuse to not actively participate in a venture.

Everyone knows for a fact that Vedic astrology can make you take a peek at your future. Rightly so, Navamsa chart predictions give you an in-depth picture of the fortune and luck you are destined for. If your birth chart defines a tree, the Navamsa chart predicts the fruits and flowers that would potentially grow on the tree.

The silver lining here is that you need not dive deep into your D9 chart as Navamsa chart interpretations are best left for experts.

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