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Ascendant, in Vedic Astrology, is also known as Lagna, the first house of your Kundli. It acts as the foundation of your birth chart, this means, its relevance is deemed the most important as it is somehow interconnected with the other houses.

Somehow, despite their significance, ascendant signs are not given the importance it deserves. On the contrary, your ascendant sign and its lord speak volumes about your future. Know the difference.

How to Know Your Lagna Lord?

What you need to understand is that your ascendant sign can be different. Although a standard birth chart has Aries in the centre, your kundli could begin from 2(Taurus) or 12 (Pisces) making it your ascendant sign or Lagna. Your ascendant signs change every two hours, so you could be sharing your birthday with someone and STILL have a different perspective on life entirely.

What does your Lagna say about you?


You are an Aries ascendant or rising if your birth chart begins from the number 1. This makes Mars your Ascendant or Lagna lord. You are not afraid to take risks and are impulsive by nature. You are a natural commander and leader. Sometimes intimidating, mostly a fierce bundle of energy.

You have your own rule book- the good and the bad, and you swear by it. This makes you stubborn in the eyes of society. You love to research, philosophy, and scientific facts and thoughts.

Given the fact that you are ruled by Mars, its degree, condition, and placement matter a lot. A well-placed Mars for Aries ascendant could take its native to greater heights. Despite its position, the native will achieve success through hard work only.


You are a Taurus ascendant or rising if your birth chart begins from the number 2. This makes Venus your Ascendant/Lagna lord. You give away strong, reliable, and trustworthy energies. You love beautiful things in life be it food or clothing. Anything that looks appealing to the eyes, your heart is set on it.

Taureans are slow in nature but very stable and consistent. You are a natural problem-fixer, loyal, and affectionate. Although very calm, can become uncontrollable when furious.


Bright and forever curious, you are a born multi-tasker. You are a Gemini ascendant or rising if your birth chart begins from the number 3. Gemini children are mature for their age, for all the right reasons. They are intelligent and mostly academic acers or popular for creative reasons at school or college.

Mercury being your Lagna lord gives you an edge over others when it comes to socialization and communication. In every sphere of your life, you will find yourself to be outspoken and expressive. So much so, that you may choose a career that involves speaking, preaching, etc. Your intelligence will


You are a Cancer ascendant or rising if your birth chart begins from the number 4. This means you will be perceived as a natural caregiver, nurturer, and compassionate. The moon becomes your Lagna lord in this case. At times, to strangers, you may also be seen as the shy, soft-spoken person in the room.

As a Cancer ascendant, you will always give preference to your family, blood relatives, and the chosen close ones. If other planets are placed well, you will be fortunate. Courtesy and sympathy come naturally to you.


You are a Leo ascendant if your birth chart begins from the number 5. Lively, sociable, optimistic, Leos are ruled by the valorous king himself, the Sun. Having your ascendant lord as Sun makes you courageous, and sometimes egoistic. Despite that, you will have an artistic bent of mind, a creative take on things. Nevertheless, you have a sunshine spirit on you that reflects in your carefree attitude.

Sun makes you self-conscious, and self-aware. You will most definitely work for elite agencies or high-profile government sectors. Given, your birth chart is not aspected by malefic conditions, you might also gain ancestral property.

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Virgo ascendants have their birth charts beginning from the number 6. If you see a Virgo ascendant, they instantly give away the energies of a true organizer, caregiver, and dependable. Ruled by Mercury, they are the best advisors in their circle. Your value lies in how mindful you are of the how who, what, and whatnots.

Mercury makes you self-conscious, almost to the extent of sensitivity. This makes them true perfectionists inside out. They are drawn to physical and mental well-being. Therefore, they have a good appetite that reflects in their health.


Natural charmers, the life of any party, you will be a Libra ascendant if your birth chart begins from number 7. Venus rules you, making you a true romantic, and lover of the truly good things in life. Regardless of what goes on in your life, you will be sweet and charismatic on people’s faces. You prefer to maintain that image because you like to keep people around you, happy.

Conversing with the opposite gender is easy. This makes you an absolute favourite among people. Venus makes you look and feel youthful. Wealth will always have an influence on your major decisions.


Appealing, extremely enigmatic, and secretive, if your birth chart begins from number 8, you are a proud Scorpio ascendant. Ruled by Mars, your ascendant lord makes you strong-willed, determined, and complex. This makes you a truly hard-working person because you are a highly private person and will work on your goals silently. Even when you achieve them, you will remain humble throughout.

Mars rules Aries as well, however, they are not as intuitive as Scorpios. You are not impulsive, you trust your guts and understand unspoken motives, and feelings. Naturally reserved, you can get jealous and defensive easily as well.


Enthusiastic, full of life, adventurous, you are a Sagittarius ascendant if your birth chart begins from number 9. Ruled by Jupiter, you are an explorer, idealistic, always on the lookout for pleasant opportunities. Calculated risks mean nothing to you, you are a gambler, in terms of discovering new ventures.

Given your spirited attitude towards life, Jupiter grounds you and fills you with a certain level of philosophy, generosity, and principles.

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You are a Capricorn ascendant if your birth chart begins from the number 10.  Ruled by the mighty teacher, Saturn, you are realistic, prudent, and cautious. You respect optimism but do not understand over-optimism. Dreams and aims matter only when you work towards them. Your approach to life is quite guarded and conventional.

Your ascendant lord makes you a practical strategist. You are in true terms, independent, responsible, and self-reliant. As a Capricorn ascendant, you seem like a detached, serious, and shy person to society. The soft, caring side is often reserved for the dearest ones only.


Forever progressive, and innovative you are an Aquarius ascendant if your birth chart begins from the number 11. Although Saturn becomes your ascendant lord as well, you being an air sign makes you a visionary. It reflects in your humanitarian and individualistic personality. Quite contrary to Capricorns (also ruled by Saturn) you are seen as an immature and proactive person.

Your mind and beliefs are respected in society. Your curious mind, and positive aura stands out in the crowd.


Caring, dreamy, and gentle, you are a Pisces ascendant if your birth chart begins from the number 12. Jupiter being your ascendant lord makes you tolerant and non-judgmental. You are spiritual, religious, and wise. Still, you would never advise anyone (unless asked).

Compassion comes naturally to you for every creature and feeling in this world. You are flexible with whatever life brings to you. So, even if you are known for your sympathetic nature, you are internally a detached person.


How important is ascendant sign?

It is as significant as your moon sign because it indicates people’s first impression about you, self, appearance and personality.

What are the factors that affect your Ascendant sign?

Planetary placements and impacts affect the effect of ascendant lord in your life. So, it is important that you do not draw conclusions solely based on your ascendant sign.

Can your rising sign change?

Your rising or ascendant sign changes every two hours. So, there could be stark differences in two people born on the same day and time zone.

Your ascendant lord and its placement affect your life tremendously. Of course, other factors play a role in it. However, your rising sign will most definitely reflect in your personality, physical appearance, and social perception of you. Learn how your ascendant lord influences your fortune through a personalized birth chart reading.

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