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January Planet in Focus: Saturn – The Karmic Judge


Saturn or Shani, the name is enough for a person to get the chills down their spine. This slow-moving planet tests your patience and diligence. He serves you what you reaped. And if you have even the slightest bit of fear because of him, it only indicates you have to work on your deeds. That said, Saturn is considered a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. Why? Probably because the native suffers a lot once he is under the Karmic lord’s radar. Time to get some valuable insight on the most mystical planet— Saturn.

What does the planet Saturn represent in astrology?

The beauty of Saturn is simply appalling, it is a planet with rings which makes it the most uniquely beautiful. Given its beauty in the solar system, it denotes discipline, troubles, obstructions, losses, scarcity, and more.  But before you dwell into terror and fear, know that people have risen to the greatest heights as well with Saturn’s blessings.  He may bring you great results, although slowly, the journey will make you a better human being. He shows you the true meaning of success which comes with gratitude and humility.

Saturn is the taskmaster of all planets. He governs your nervous system, bones, and legs. Yes, Saturn represents your career, but there is so much more to it.  He makes sure your deeds are right, if not, he teaches you lessons. Either way, you are only directed towards betterment.

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Why do people fear the planet Saturn?

As I said, Saturn represents a lot of things that people, in general, perceive as “awful” or “unfortunate”. This makes them fearful of losing their prized belongings, possessed lawfully or otherwise. So the things you might have earned through over-indulgence or greed will be, one way or other, snatched away. This troubles the psyche of people. Since it does take a malicious mind to work hard to accumulate something unlawfully.

So what happens to those who have remained honest all their lives? Saturn, regardless, will teach you something big. It could take on your mental health, and make you emotionally strong by the end of the phase. Remember, being honest, is one thing, but self-harm, laziness, ego, toxic habits are still considered bad.  So, while you may be honest, you will be taught a lesson, for your own good.

Among many other reasons, people fear the most infamous transit of Saturn— Sade Sati and Dhaiya. While the Sade Sati lasts for seven and a half years, Dhaiya is for two and a half years. There is no respite from sufferings and hardships. But there is a positive take on it. You will be rewarded for your patience and dedication throughout the challenges.  For instance, the same transit of Mars may have a negative influence on the native and can make him steal.

However, as terrifying as the Saturn transit seems, it guides the person towards humility and spirituality. Circumstances could be dire but the influence is immensely positive.  You need to steer clear of toxic habits, illegal activities, and immoral doings.  Life teaches you to be pious and kind, Saturn directs this journey.

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What is the effect of Saturn in astrology?

Saturn represents justice, the teacher against treachery. Take a look at the role of Saturn in Vedic astrology-

Indications of Strong Saturn in the birth chart

  • If you have a strong Saturn in your birth chart you will be a born revolutionist and leader.
  • You will have a positive impact on society.
  • As long as you stay away from wicked opportunities, your self-esteem will work in your favor.
  • Relationship with father will be either short-lived or slightly complicated.
  • You are selfless and do not care much about materialistic pleasures.
  • You care too much for elderlies, animals, birds, etc.
  • You may not be overly religious, but very spiritual.

Indications of Weak Saturn in the birth chart

  • If Saturn is weak in your birth chart, you will not only face a lot of discrepancies but you will also be selfish.
  • You will be highly talented and skilled in diverse industries. Make sure to direct it in a positive way.
  • Constant knee pain will bother you.
  • Chances of gaining popularity will be around middle age.
  • You are born with great willpower and determination.
  • There will be lots of built-up jealousy and insecurity within.

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  • Is Saturn good or bad?

Saturn is exceptionally great if you are kind, honest, and refrain from any form of injustice. If you are involved with any sort of activity that involves betrayal and evil, you will be punished. Of course, the placement of Saturn matters but either way, you need to keep your deeds in check.

  • At what age Saturn gives good results?

Definitely, after you turn 30, mid-30s to be precise. This is because each planet has a maturity age. In this case, the maturity age of Saturn is 36 years.

  • At what age Saturn gives marriage?

This is applicable when you have Saturn in or aspecting your 7th house. In that case, marriage is on the cards post 35 years of age.

Saturn is the strict teacher that puts you through a breaking point for a breakthrough achievement. Odds might be against you right now, but it is never too late to change the way you perceive Saturn and his mighty prowess. Get in touch with me for a personalized reading.

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