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February Planet in Focus: Venus – Marital & Material Bliss


Venus or Shukra is the planet of everything when you think of true beauty in the world. Right from romance to luxury, Venus represents them all. It is the planet of prosperity, wealth, success, love, attraction, and knowledge. It also represents women and the role of females (wife, sister, elderly lady) in one’s life. Venus is the reason behind your fame and also the reason behind your toxic addictions.

So which category do you fall under? Read on to know.

What does the planet Venus represent in astrology?

The placement of Venus in your birth chart, tells a lot about how your relationship with people (marital, personal or professional) is going to be. Vedic astrology takes it as an auspicious planet. It represents feminine energy and material pleasures in life. It majorly impacts partnerships and marital bonds. Its placement can also tell about your spouse, marriage timing and condition. Now, you know its significance in Vedic astrology.

Venus governs Taurus and Libra; earth and air sign respectively. Still, what stands common between them is the inclination towards a luxurious life and beautiful people. Venus is associated with aesthetics, arts, emotions, and romantic relationships.

The influence of Venus in one’s life is so huge as it brings you abundance but it can also welcome sorrows and hurdles. Also, if in conjunction with planets, it can bring more harm than good. Venus is friendly with Saturn and Mercury. It does not have good relations with Moon and Sun. Yet still, it can give great results. It all depends on how and where it is positioned in your kundli.

How does Venus shape your fate? Get to know its influence in your life through a personalized reading.

What is the effect of Venus on astrology?

Venus is placed well in your birth chart

  • You will have flawless, glowing skin. You will rarely have skin problems.
  • You will most likely marry the partner of your dreams.
  • You will be charismatic and would attract luxurious things in life.
  • You will be fortunate and gain a good amount of wealth.
  • You may get married early.
  • You will always enjoy the company of opposite genders.

Venus if not positioned well in your birth chart

  • Family and love life will be troublesome. There will be many ups and downs.
  • There will be arguments and differences between the couple.
  • Material gains will be very difficult.
  • You will be sluggish, greedy, and will suffer from toxic addictions.
  • Relations with women will not be respectful.
  • You could have kidney, eye, or hormonal problems.

How do you know if Venus is strong or weak?

Just like any other condition; health or otherwise, there are indications. Coming events cast their shadows before them. Similarly, your habits and traits indicate how well a planet, in this case- Venus, is placed.

If Venus is placed well, you will have a strong penchant for good perfumes, classic movies, destinations, food, and drinks. You will also love changing the décor of your home now and then. You love smelling good and are naturally inclined to aesthetically designed spaces. You are truly blessed by Venus if you are a natural virtuoso, artist, dancer, poet, writer, actor, or singer.

On the other hand, if you are disorganized, unhygienic, and constantly suffer from skin problems like rashes, it is a strong indication of a weak Venus placement. You will most probably indulge in gambling or alcoholism even. You might suffer from an addiction to something unhealthy that might require medical assistance even.

That’s the power of Vedic astrology, even if there are problems, there is always a solution to curb them. Know how to improve your life regardless of how Venus is placed in your kundli. Contact me for a personalized reading.


Which house does Venus give love marriage?

There are many indications that tell whether or not you will have a love marriage. But it is mainly the 5th and 7th houses that indicates love marriage.

How does Venus affect personality?

You will be very creative in all spheres of life. You will give away strong feminine energy. There will be something divine in you in terms of grace, charm, and beauty.

The astrological influence of planet Venus is immense and it affects your actions and thought processes on daily basis. Being blessed by Lord Venus is truly a fortunate aspect and would benefit you for eternity. Connect with me to strengthen the planet of love to shower your life with the choicest miracles.

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