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Pitra dosh in Kundli: Indications and Remedies


Vedic astrology works in compliance with the celestial objects and their positions at the time of your birth. What becomes more relevant while assessing a kundli are the Karmic debts you are born with. These are the typical, toxic patterns in your life that sometimes remain unresolved and mostly, unaddressed. For instance, you could be suffering from financial problems or unsuccessful relationships, untimely deaths in the family etc. Karmic debts hardly ever get a positive connotation, rightfully so, as past life choices do reflect on our present life.

Among many karmic debts is one significant and impactful one known as Pitra Dosh.

What is Pitra Dosh in kundli?

Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham is the karmic debt of our ancestors. A common misconception concerning Pitra Dosh is that it is a curse from ancestors. The reality is from this myth. It forms when the native’s forefathers have committed a big mistake equivalent to sin in their lives for which the successor is held accountable from a Karmic standpoint.

It gets reflected in one’s kundli as unfavourable planetary combinations and other malefic conditions. It may bring forth some unexpected challenges and inevitable hardships in the native’s life. Pitra Dosha in Kundli also leads to financial instability and emotional indecisiveness.

What are the Causes Attributing to Pitra Dosh in Kundli?

  • Pitra Dosha due to planetary placements
    • Sun, Moon, and Saturn and their placements matter in terms of Pitra dosh in Kundli. The sun represents fatherly figures and forefathers. The moon represents your mind and mother. Saturn represents challenges in life, sin, and debts.
      • Saturn placed with Moon indicates Pitra Dosha concerning mother. The native would either be required to take full responsibility for his mother or not be fortunate to have her at all.
      • Saturn positioned with Sun represents Pitra Dosh concerning father.
      • Saturn placed with Mars indicates Pitra dosh in terms of the elder brother.
      • Saturn positioned with Venus would indicate Pitra dosh in relation to the female figures in one’s life. It could be the wife or a close female relationship.
      • Saturn placed with Jupiter indicates Pitra Dosh in terms of mentor, guide, master, or teacher.
      • Saturn placed with Rahu indicates Pitra Dosh with respect to snakes. The native itself or his ancestor, in this case, have killed or tortured snake(s).
      • Saturn positioned with Ketu represents Pitra Dosh related to dogs. There is a possibility that they or their ancestors have treated dogs with cruelty in their past life.
  • The 8th house and the eighth house from it i.e., the 3rd house is deemed the most important concerning Pitra Dosh. While the 8th house denotes death and after death, the 3rd house represents the time before birth.
    • Pitra Dosh in the 8th house would form if certain rituals and customs are not followed properly after the death of your grandparent/ancestor.
    • Pitra Dosh in the 3rd house would reflect in your kundli when your grandparent or forefather skipped the standard religious customs and rituals after the birth of their child.
  • Any kind of malefic planets conjunction or unfavourable planet aspecting the responsible houses that lead to the formation of Pitra dosh.
  • Since Sun is the Karak for father, its placement or association in a malefic house or with malefic planets could result in Pitra dosh.
  • Considering the sun is the lord of the 5th house, malefic planets in the 5th house indicates some severe wrongdoings in the past life and would result in Pitra dosh in kundli. For instance, if the sun is placed in its own house (5th house) with Saturn it indicates Pitra dosh.
  • Wrongdoings of Ancestors
    • Pitra dosh is formed due to the sins committed by the forefathers.
    • If they have treated a living creature with cruelty.
    • If they have stolen something or accumulated wealth in an unlawful or unethical manner.
    • If they have physically or mentally tormented a human or animal.
    • Their untimely death leading to unfulfilled wishes and desires.
  • Past life deeds of your own
    • Karma has a huge role to play in Pitra dosh and therefore, your deeds in the past could get you in trouble.
    • It could also be the result of some actions you perform in your present life.
    • Cruel intention and acts regardless of when you committed will eventually reflect as Karmic debt.

What are the indications of Pitra Dosh?

  1. A person having Pitra dosh in kundli may have to face several problems concerning his children. If they fall sick often or suffer from mental disabilities right from the moment, they are born could indicate Pitra dosh in kundli. This is an example of Pitra Dosh in the 3rd house since a grandchild suffers the brunt of sinful activities committed or religious activities skipped by the grandparent.
  2. Difficulty in conceiving, and major complications in pregnancy including miscarriages.
  3. Delay in marriage, conflicts leading to separation, and marital alliance breaking immediately after ceremonies.
  4. The quarrelsome and turbulent environment in the family without any reason.
  5. Hindrances in a person’s growth concerning career, family, education, and overall wellbeing.
  6. Unable to enjoy or make valuable use of accumulated wealth, despite favourable conditions.
  7. Always under debts and unstable financial circumstances despite continuous efforts.
  8. Accidents, injuries, robberies, and other emergencies in the house.
  9. Excess expenditures.

Can you relate to any of the above indications? You should not take it lightly. Whatsapp me to find if you are suffering from Pitra Dosh.

What are the remedies for Pitra dosh in Kundli?

It should be noted that there could be multiple reasons and conditions leading up to Pitra dosh formation and there could never be one remedy for all.

  • Some people will be recommended, Graha Shanti.
  • Others could be advised to do Pinddaan and perform Yagna.
  • Many are suggested to do certain rituals and chant mantras for years.
  • There would be few who would reap the benefits just by praying to the sun and taking blessings from their fathers.
  • Depending on the placement of Sun, gemstones like ruby would be recommended to strengthen it.

It would be best to religiously and diligently follow and complete remedies according to your personalized birth chart analysis.

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  • How is Pitra Dosh calculated?

Pitra dosh in kundli can be checked and calculated through a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Vedic Astrologer. Accordingly, the remedies are suggested.

  • Is Pitra Dosh bad?

It can cause upheaval and hardships in life. One could suffer from indecisiveness and lack of confidence. However, with the right guidance and consultation, you can gain the strength and courage to work against the odds.

The suffering, pain, and discomfort could fade away with time and the right remedies in this life but one should be careful with their deeds, thoughts, and actions in the present life to prevent uncalled burden in the next life; be it yours or your successors.

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