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March Planet in Focus: Mighty & Mysterious Mars


A commander, soldier, and a true leader, there is no planet that can match the energy of planet Mars or Mangal. In Vedic astrology, Mars makes you unstoppable and victorious. Said that it also has the ability to make you violent. Despite that, Mars makes one ambitious; the restless kind.

Take a look at the role of Mars in Vedic Astrology.

What does the planet Mars represent in astrology?

Mangal means auspicious. However, when it comes to your kundli, mars gives outcomes based on its placement. Mars gives you courage, energy and confidence. Fearless and masculine, it represents warriors, military, soldiers, leaders, and activists. It rules the first and eighth house (Aries and Scorpio). On the occupational front, Mars represents engineers, builders, sportsmen, military chiefs, surgeons, marketing field, and related professions.

  • Family- It represents younger brothers or siblings.
  • Physical Appearance- People born under the influence of Mars are fair with a reddish hue in their complexion. They are born with a muscular build. The skin will be prone to pimples.
  • Body Parts- Mars governs the face, head, kidney, pelvis, prostate gland, uterus, red bone marrow, and muscular system.
  • Diseases- Chickenpox, smallpox, mumps, typhoid, burns, cuts, boils, and all acute fevers.
  • Temper- The native will be hot-tempered, a rebel, and highly impulsive. On a positive note, there will be leadership qualities, courage, and confidence.

A tremendous way to find whether Mars is placed well is how you face challenges in life. The strength and courage to face the hurdles in life will be extraordinarily good if Mars is positioned well.

How are you dealing with the life crisis? There are many ways to handle them better. Connect with me to understand Mars and its effect on your life.

What is the effect of Mars on astrology?

Mars if placed well in your chart

  • You will have strong beliefs and willpower, and stand by them.
  • Just like a brave soldier, you will be determined, fearless, and dedicated in life.
  • You will always be confident about changes, milestones, and shifts in life.
  • Victory over enemies is easy for you; one way or the other.
  • You will be a born leader and be able to manage multiple tasks easily without worry.
  • You will be adventurous; ready to take on everything independently.
  • You will easily escape difficult phases of life.

Mars if not positioned well in your birth chart

  • You will be highly irritable and short-tempered.
  • Decision-making will either be slow or you will be inclined to make quick decisions that will mostly not go in your favour.
  • There will be a lack of enthusiasm and energy towards life.
  • You get offended by the slightest issue, challenge, and difficulty.
  • There is a possibility of suffering from speech-related problems.
  • It increases the chances of accidents and fatalities.
  • You will be egoistic, abusive and reckless. Everything said and done will feel like a personal attack.
  • There is a possibility of infidelity and being over possessive.


  • What does Mars planet control?

Mars controls and takes over our desires, energy levels, aggression, actions, passion and assertion. This eventually reflects in our personality sometimes for a longer-term.

  • What is Mars responsible for astrology?

Mars is quite impulsive. So astrologically speaking, it will be responsible for your strength, decision-making, ambition, confrontation, and competitive spirit.

  • In which house Mars is strong?

The best placement of Mars can only be judged through your kundli. Although the best position for Mars would be the 10th house, it could favour you even when placed in a different house. It all depends on the placement of other planets.

  • What is Mangal Dosha in horoscope?

A person born under the influence of Mars placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house will be Manglik. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not an issue of concern. You must consult a Vedic astrologer before planning an alliance.

This fiery planet is a lot more than just high spirits and energy. There are a lot of aspects it governs and represents; more than you can imagine. Mars is the passion you live your life with. It is the zeal through which you measure success.

Vedic astrology helps you overcome all problems in life. Even if you have Mars in an unfavourable position in the birth chart, you can turn things around for your benefit. Get a personalized reading done to get the best of Mars.

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