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Divorces and Vedic Astrology: Marital Bliss on the Cards?


We live in a world that is well-acquainted with divorces but only those who have been through this tragic phase knows just how challenging it gets. Separations and mere fall-outs are natural, sometimes inevitable, but never foreseen. Why are divorces so common? What drives a person to take such a big decision? The answers could be many but it all comes down to one thing— compatibility. While in layman’s terms it could be deemed as mere chemistry, but according to Vedic astrology, it is a lot deeper than it sounds.

A marital alliance includes so much more; professional success, health, family peace, ego, friendship, sexual compatibility, happiness, and most importantly the will to go the extra mile to make things work. You cannot judge any of it in the beginning. So, couples consider their momentary pleasures as eternal happiness which fades with time. Others settle for their partners for the sake of secured life. Such decisions clearly lead to fallouts but cannot be foreseen by people in general.

Can Vedic Astrology predict divorce?

Divorces might be the last resort for a lot but it is a known fact that there are a lot of underlying reasons that lead to legal separation. And yes, Vedic astrology can help predict it. Again yes, you can still avoid it. Of course, the latter applies to those only who are willing to adjust and resolve the issues.

When an alliance is in the making, there is a lot of faith and trust invested from both ends. Still, external problems, innate inclinations, and certain tendencies are inevitable. These attributes are bound to create issues between the couple. Now, some couples would call it quits right away but others who are aware of the setbacks from the start will make their marriage work accordingly.

Why? Because Vedic astrology suggests Kundli Milan or Birth chart comparison before initiating anything. Vedic astrologers score the alliance on basis of the following areas (Koot) concerned in life:

  1. Varan (Deed)
  2. Vashya (Nature)
  3. Tara (Destiny)
  4. Yoni (Progeny)
  5. Graha (Relationship)
  6. Gana (Sociality/understanding)
  7. Bhakoot (Life)
  8. Nadi (Longevity)

It might sound irrational to some but think about it, how our parents or grandparents managed to successfully, despite all odds, make it till now. Not only did their generation have more patience and diligence than us but they chose to rely on Vedic astrology to “practically” understand just how well the alliance would suffice to lead a happy married life.

After all, it is better to take a leap of faith and be forewarned than to take a plunge and separate. WhatsApp me to know what lies ahead for you and your partner.

What are the Signs of Divorce in a Horoscope?

  • Any sort of disharmony in married life or complete marital bliss can be predicted through the condition of the 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th
  • 4th house represents family happiness, and if any away it is afflicted, then it could lead to separation. Although it remains valid for the native’s happiness that gets affected due to family issues, separation could be among those issues.
  • 5th house represents harmony, love, and romance in a relationship.
  • A major indication of a troublesome marriage lies in the 7th house that represents relationships, partnerships, and marriages. If the house or its lord is in any way afflicted in the horoscope then there is an increase in disputes in the relationship.
  • An afflicted 12th house or its lord would lead to disappointments and the native would be most dissatisfied with relationships and in this case, marriage. It represents the intimacy between the couple and if the house is in any way afflicted, it would negatively impact the martial alliance through physical incompatibility

While there could be several others reasons for failed marriages, your ascendant sign, and its lord matter a lot in this case. As it speaks volumes about your personality, choices in life, and other profound aspects that govern stability in a marriage. Save the trouble, contact me for a couple’s consultation.


  • Which Grah responsible for divorce?

Although Mars, Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu are considered malefic planets in general. The same planets can do wonders for you so it would be wrong to label one Grah or planet for disputes in marital alliance. As even the most powerful planet that is wrongly placed in your birth chart would naturally bring disturbing effects. The key to understanding this factor is to get a personalized reading done.

  • How do you predict a divorce?

There are a lot of factors taken into consideration but more importantly, it’s the bond that matters and just how much the couple is willing to deeply understand the partner’s problem. Also, there are other factors I consider-

  1. Element compatibility (earth, fire, water, air). For instance, fire element partners would get hyper unnecessarily, leading to fights. Another example would be earth and fire, there is no match and the alliance seems to lack support. Still, there is so much more to understand this concept and would require the guidance of a Vedic astrologer.
  2. Gana compatibility governs the mutual behavioral aspect and understanding.
  3. Bhakoot is equally important as this values eternal togetherness regardless of countless hardships.
  • How can I cure my divorce?

Just like there is a remedy for every ailment, Vedic astrology has a solution to everything. The cure varies from person to person and therefore, your kundli has all the answers.

Regardless of how much we trust Vedic astrology for marriages, it is important to stay in the loop with what we practice today. While the age-old traditions matter, one must consider the emotional and intimate bonding that results in a successful alliance. After all, it is essential for the couple to maintain the relationship’s sanctity through amity.

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