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Time for Tough Love – Venus Retrograde 2021


The warning everyone’s waiting for, the cautionary advice everyone’s looking for— Venus Retrograde 2021.

It’s not that it is going to be a challenging phase for everyone, it is going to bring good results for some. Even then, it is safe to not be too overconfident. With Venus spinning backward, it’s time to unwind and be mindful of your actions and more importantly your words.

Universally proclaimed as “the season of the ex” this unique phenomenon may have old friends and flames knocking at your door. After all, Venus, the planet of relationships and love, going retrograde, it’s all going to get quite (un)real.

What is Venus Retrograde?

The retrograde motion of any planet clearly indicates an astrological transit that a planet is moving backward. Now it can be triggering for a lot of people because it challenges your pace, putting you on a halt.

Venus Retrograde is happening on the 19th December 2021 and instead of getting worked up, it is time to reflect, revisit, revise, and review your actions and let the universe take its course.

Retrogrades may not be the best time to initiate something new but always a good time to take a pause and renew yourself.

Venus Retrograde Predictions 2021

Although the retrograde is going to affect everyone, the impact would vary based on your sign. The following predictions are made based on your moon sign.

Check my blog to understand the significance of your moon sign.

Take a look at how Venus retrograde is going to affect your sign this time.


Aries need to work hard and prove their worth on the professional front. Due to the retrograde, it is going to take more effort at your workplace to achieve your goals.  However, this pressure would turn favorable for you in the long run as it is an indication of huge profits. Quality time with your loved ones is foreseen during this retrograde.


Taureans, use this time to finish your pending work, professional or otherwise. You have the full support of your friends and family and it looks like the retrograde motion is going to work in your favor. Sound health is an indication of working on maintaining it. Make sure to see it as a wise opportunity to silently work on your progress.


“Coming events cast their shadows before them”, phrase fits your prediction perfectly. This retrograde will have you feel overwhelmed about certain situations or events that are yet to happen. Your mental health will affect during this time so take care of your emotions. Do not invest your attention or time in things and people that won’t benefit you. Things look bright on the professional front. Still, do not expect big gains.


Venus would retrograde in the seventh house from your sign. The seventh house is the house of partnership and spouse. A healthy, lovable atmosphere in your home is seen. Also, if you have been having issues with your partner, this is a great time to resolve them and work on them. Develop mutual understanding and bring your caring side to the surface.  Business expansion and immense profits are also on the cards, given you have done your homework.


Leos, be very alert about your health. Take it easy on habits that impact your health.  Be all the more careful if you are suffering from chronic diseases.  Your opponents are waiting for the right opportunity to belittle you and take advantage of your shortcomings. Make sure to be on your best behavior during this time. Stay calm, or else lawsuits await you. A not so strong period for you but it can work out for you if you stay in control.


Plenty of opportunities are on your way, be it professional or personal. But take it easy as overconfidence could only bring about problems. A really good time for your personal relations and travel-related ventures. However, expenses might increase and you will have to manage your finances well.


Venus will positively impact your family events. They will benefit from your hard work and success. Regardless of your daily issues, you will be having mental satisfaction. This will only add to the worldly pleasures that any man wishes for. Overall a harmonious time is guaranteed.


Your jealousy and ego are your biggest enemies. During this retrograde, these feelings are bound to get elevated. This eventually will strain your relationships personally and professionally. So make sure to not get into baseless arguments. Try not to speak or even think evil of anyone. Stay patient, optimistic, and hopeful.


Financial abundance is seen despite your expenses. You will be humble and hardworking during this phase. This will not only make you the office favorite but also win over your critics. Understanding among family members will develop and therefore, it will be a pleasant time.  Legal matters will favor you and an auspicious event will be held in your home.


You have worked hard all this while, and it will show. Consider it the payback time, you will reap what you sowed. Self-confidence and creativity will be at an all-time high, make sure to make good use of them. Your health will be stable. Love life and family relations will be good.


Aquarians can work on their health during this time as it won’t be good. Finances look weak so control your expenses and avoid unnecessary investments. Negligence will not work in your favor so be very cautious. A long journey probably abroad will turn fruitful for you. Overall, time to let nature take its course.


The financial front looks strong. You will undoubtedly succeed in your career. You will garner immense respect and recognition in your society. Make sure to remain humble throughout or it could create misunderstandings. Family and love life remains cordial and peaceful.

Retrogrades come as an indicator of “pause and introspect”. Do not take it in a negative light, some backward motions are just propelling you for a giant leap towards success. Stay tuned for the 2022 prediction for all signs.

This was a general reading, an extended version awaits you through a personal Vedic astrology consultation.

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