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Be Career Ready: Vedic Astrology Suggests the Right Stream for You


It is natural for anyone to get the jitters while coming to a decision. This is all the more significant for students when picking the right subject for themselves. After all, the right subject will direct them towards an apt field that would shape their future.

So, how does Vedic Astrology help here?

Let’s answer this with the help of an example. A proficient lecturer may or may not know they were made to preach. It’s only after studying the right subject they realize, they have more to offer.

An eminent engineer in the making would never care for guitar strings more than laws of physics. But there will always be a phase for them to realize that, during which they explore a lot of options. This is among the most common reasons why students drop out.

Vedic Astrology helps people discover their inclinations, their innate priorities, and most importantly their goals in life.

Confused, still? Read my blog to get a better insight on Vedic Astrology.

Best stream/subject based on your Ascendant sign

There are innumerable forums and sources to choose the best stream. However, it is possible for you to fall for general consensus that gets repeated time and again, everywhere.

What you need to know is that most platforms suggest a career that best suits your sun sign. This may or may not correlate with you since it is your ascendant sign that represents your inner core.

This is why it is all the more important to understand the significance of ascendant or rising signs.

Take a look at the best subject/career for you as per your Ascendant sign


If you are an Aries ascendant, you are by nature competitive. Always ready to take on the world. Don’t be surprised if you are feeling a strong physicality despite being a Capricorn sun sign. So, Aries ascendant sign, you need recognition for your bravery which would enhance your self-worth.

So here is my advice to Aries students, pick a stream that would eventually boost your willingness and boldness to maintain your incredible perseverance. Career fields in sports, defense, and research remain significant for you.


Here’s the thing about being a Taurus. You want good things in life and won’t shy away from having them. You are passionate and persistent like the bull but you might take your own time to strategize, organize, and plan things out. So Taureans would love comfort, routine, and something that would bring them stability.

So you could pick a stream that would lead to a secure job probably in banking or advertising. Those who plan to build a business on their own can venture into luxury items such as perfumes, cosmetics, gemstones, and jewelry.


As a Gemini ascendant, you know your fair share of communication skills. You have the innate inclination to become great songwriters and novelists. But let’s be practical here, unless you are not naturally inclined, do not force. Still, explore the writer, counselor, or teacher in you and you may have a stream sorted for you. Also, if you believe someone can guide you well, journalism, media, and television may also do wonders for you.


The natural nurturers, Cancerians love helping and emotionally connecting with people. So you could be seen thriving loud with energy being a Leo sun sign but being a Cancer ascendant, you will never feel satisfied unless you really make an impact on a personal note.

You are capable of excelling in the field of human resources, hospitality, marine sciences, and even farming. Understanding human psychology comes naturally to you, so use it in your best interests.


Energetic and Enigmatic, Leo ascendants might have their hearts set on building an empire on their own. Rightly so, they like and want everything high-profile. Therefore, Leo ascendants are recommended to try their hand in top government positions. Also, if you happen to have a choice, do pick subjects or streams that actively keep you in the loop with politics or international relations.


Organized and detail-oriented, Virgos like precision and perfection. They might as well be the least concerned about what my blog suggests as a career/subject field. Why? Because they probably know what they want to do and are utterly determined to ace it.

That said, Virgo ascendants should opt for a field that would require their power of paying attention to detail. A surprising yet, a splendid field for you is astrology, editing, psychology, and banking. Also, you could take your knack for auditing and orate by taking up accounting or even media.


Forever Charming and capable, libra ascendants are truly flexible and interested in a variety of things. However, you really know how to strike a balance and know your way around people in general. This makes you cooperative, admirable, and quite social; making you a perfect candidate for diplomatic relations.

Pick a stream that would help you get into sectors like public relations, sales and marketing, law, and insurance. As a libra ascendant, you could also get involved in creative fields like jewelry and handicrafts, cinema, and dance.


Secretly idealistic and publicly impulsive, Scorpio ascendants can do immensely well in the mining industry, metal industry, iron- industry, engineering industry, occult science, paranormal science, research, and astrology. Great minds think long and hard, and Scorpio ascendants prove it right. So, pick a stream that suits your instincts.


Curious, bold, and optimistic- Sagittarius ascendants refuse to back down. They are independent and need flexibility and movement in every field of life.  Surprisingly, you could make excellent professors, run charitable institutions and social services. Also, your honesty and dedication make you the perfect candidate for law and ordnance.


Responsibility and Power come easy to you. Regardless of the pressure, you will remain calm and therefore, your integrity is appreciated. Capricorn ascendants can very well handle forestry, agriculture, science, structuring, and event management.


Aquarius ascendants are born advisors and philosophers. They make great educationists, counselors, and consultants. Advice to Aquarius ascendants would be to explore their passion and try their hand in administration, teaching, astrology, research & development, and even intelligence bureau.


Are you tired of the internet suggesting you become a marine biologist? Well, Pisces ascendants other than discovering the marine sector, careers relate to oil, chemicals, medicine, external affairs, shipping, navy, and medicine would work well for you.

Disclaimer for the Young Minds Reading the Blog

Academics and career are vast concepts, and therefore, do not draw conclusions without consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer. It will only help you unveil your hidden talent and potential.  While the above streams and career choices are true, it is possible that your true inhibitions vary because of other factors like-

  • Lagna lord placement
  • Moon sign and its condition
  • Any hindrance due to a certain situation in Kundli

Regardless of what stream you choose, timing is everything. Right efforts during the wrong time would only delay progress. Focus on what remains best for you. Contact me for a personalized kundli reading to know more.

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