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Decoding Destiny: Important Yogs in Vedic Astrology


Ever wondered why some people are more fortunate than others? How come some people achieve success easily? Why do others, despite their efforts, are unable to succeed? Vedic astrology has answers to everything. Including your luck.

There is a whole other side to this, some are born with a silver spoon. However, misfortunate incidents take away their privileges. This is no coincidence, you are born with a destined life.

You are born under a specific planetary combination which could affect your life in several ways. These are called Yog in Vedic astrology. Every Yog is developed or formed due to certain planetary placements that influence your life, with or without your efforts.

What are the most auspicious Yogs in Vedic Astrology?

Although there are many Yogs in Vedic astrology, some are extremely auspicious and impactful.

  • Raj Yog

The name itself speaks volumes about this auspicious Yog. Raj is interpreted as luxury, reputation, wealth, fame, and prosperity. There are 32 types of Raj Yogs in all. Some of the most important Raj Yog conjunctions are:

  • GajKesari Yog

A very auspicious Yog in Vedic Astrology, Gajkesari Yog in your birth chart takes place due to Jupiter and Moon. It blesses you with immense luck and wealth.

  • Budhaditya yoga

A very prominent Yog in Vedic astrology, Budhaditya Yog, is formed when Mercury and Sun are placed in the same house of the birth chart. It graces the native with confidence, intellect, success, creativity, face, and great communication skills.

  • Dhan Yog

Another auspicious form of Raj Yog, the Dhan Yog blesses the native with abundant wealth, financial prosperity and profits. The person, one way or the other, becomes rich in life.  When the lords of 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses exchange relationships with each other; Dhan Yog is formed.

  • Akhanda Samrajya Yog

A powerful Raj Yog like this one blesses you with an authoritative position in society. Jupiter, in this case, is positioned in the 2nd, 5th, or the 11th house from the Lagna.  It is also formed when the ruling lord of the 2nd, 9th, or 11th house is placed in the Kendra.

  • Kamal Yog

A happy and renowned life is guaranteed with Kamal Yog in your birth chart. You are satisfied with your success and you may master many skills and arts. This Yog is formed by conjunctions of planets positioned in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses of a Kundli.

  • Kahal Yog

The native may have to work hard and at times, indecisive in nature. However, they will be brave, fortunate, and kind. This Yog is also based on the placement of Jupiter and Moon.

What are the most inauspicious Yogs in Vedic Astrology?

Just like the auspicious Yogs bring you good times and inauspicious Yog creates hurdles and setbacks.

  • Daridra Yog

A native is born under the influence of Daridra Yog when the lord of the eleventh house is positioned in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the birth chart. Even the lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses can for this Yog.  Hardships and quarrels are very common in his or her life. There is a constant lack of peace in their life. This Yog is more common than you think so consult a Vedic astrologer for a birth chart assessment.

  • Guru Chandal Yog

In this Yog, Jupiter is in combustion with Rahu in the birth chart. The native born under this Yog face many adversities in life. It deprives the person of the blessings of Jupiter— good marital union, prosperous life, good higher education. Rahu brings on negative effects and the impact is enough to bring on a lot of issues.

  • Grahan Yog

Sun and Moon are known as the luminaries in Vedic Astrology. While the Sun represents the soul, the Moon represents the mind. Either or both getting afflicted by malefic planets is known as Grahan Yog. It affects their life tremendously.  The impact is so huge that it influences a person’s thought process, their ability to think, decide, act, and behave.


  • Which is the best Yoga in Vedic astrology?

Raj Yog is given paramount importance in Vedic astrology. Given its significance, it grants the native prosperity and abundance.

  • Which Raj Yoga is rare?

Akhanda Samrajya Yog is the rarest Raj Yog and the occurrence is a pure blessing from God. It guarantees the native a high rank in the society or ministry. It happens when Jupiter is positioned strongly in the 2nd, 5th, and 11th house from Lagna.

Word to the Wise:

Vedic astrology is a powerful science. With the right guidance and remedies, you can overcome even the toughest challenges. Good Yogs do not guarantee success unless one works hard. Bad Yogs are not unfortunate unless you give up.

Regardless of the condition, Kundli Yogs help you determine your destiny and work accordingly. As a Vedic astrologer, I help you understand the Yog in your kundli and suggest the right remedy. Consult me for a personalized reading.

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