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April Planet in Focus: Wealthy & Wise Jupiter


A planet of great significance in the Vedic Astrology— Jupiter, brings you abundance. Also regarded as Guru or Brihaspati, Jupiter makes a person wise, cultured, educated, generous, and rich. In literal terms, it is synonymous with “the teacher to the Gods, or the lord of light”. It is considered the most auspicious planet of all.

Although the chances are bleak, there is a probability that some are not fortunate to get blessed by Jupiter. Nonetheless, the best astrologers in Chandigarh can turn the tables for you.

What does the planet Jupiter represent in astrology?

Jupiter is a karaka of fame, divine intellect, morality, progeny, spirituality, and fortune. Jupiter represents optimism, auspicious activities, fruitful results, jovial nature, and noble thoughts. Jupiter is a masculine, cheerful, affectionate, fiery, and profitable planet. It rules Sagittarius and Pisces. An auspiciously placed Jupiter makes the native a great teacher, social worker, treasurer, educator, spiritual guru, or priest.

What is the effect of Jupiter in astrology?

This righteous planet brings forth immense luck. The native under the influence of Jupiter is naturally inclined toward spirituality and philosophy. They will be religious and very high on morals.  As benevolent as the planet is, it gives away some negative effects as well. Take a look at how.

Indications of Strong Jupiter in the birth chart

  • Strong Jupiter in the birth chart is quite evident from the formative years. The child or young adult has their positive ideologies set straight.
  • The native is filled with dedication, devotion, and diligence.
  • People born under the strong influence of Jupiter are kind-hearted. However, they believe in justice, therefore, they will never be partial.
  • Good wealth and health are guaranteed for life.
  • Close family members will also remain fortunate and bear the outcome of the auspicious placement of Jupiter.
  • The native is well respected in society.

Indications of weak Jupiter in the birth chart

Although Jupiter is rarely malefic, it can be afflicted. Jupiter as a planetary influence is so strong that even a powerful discrepancy can be improved.

  • Weak Jupiter in the birth chart leads to low self-confidence. You will constantly be engulfed in negative thoughts.
  • Disputes over paternal property and loss in related court cases.
  • Relationships with siblings will not be cordial.
  • A native with weak Jupiter in the birth chart will have to often face a crisis in life. There will be constant anxiety and restlessness which could affect your mental health.
  • Regardless of your cognitive abilities, concentration power will be weak.
  • Enemies will outnumber friends in your circle.
  • Marriage could be delayed due to distressing situations.
  • There will be a strong inclination to substance abuse and toxic addictions.

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  • How can we make Jupiter happy?

You can strengthen Jupiter in your birth chart by incorporating yellow in your clothes. Observing fast on Thursdays is another great way to please Jupiter.  Still, the remedies depend entirely on the placement.

  • What happens when your Jupiter is strong?

When Jupiter is strong, life may bring hurdles but it will be fairly easier for you to combat them.  It makes you wise enough to make the right choices.

  • Is Jupiter strong in my horoscope?

Jupiter, regardless of its condition, can work in your favour. To know its strength or to strengthen its effect you must consult an experienced Vedic astrologer.

Jupiter is a benevolent planet and the way to a blessed life is by strengthening Jupiter in your birth chart. Jupiter helps you achieve your dreams, it helps you make the world a better place. Rev up your fortune by strengthening Jupiter.

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