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Moon Science with Moon Signs in Vedic Astrology


It may not be news to you that our internal biological rhythms flow with the moon phases. It is an undeniable connection and believe it or not; it affects our emotions. The world may revolve around the sun but it levitates and fluctuates with the energy of the Moon. Such is the power of this gleaming cosmic grandeur.

Of late, mental health has stirred up conversations in society. Your state of mind; constant or not, reflects in your actions and choices in life. What if I tell you a significant part of it correlates to your moon sign and the condition of the moon in the kundli. Yes, there may be challenging incidents and unprecedented times that take away our mental peace. Other planetary conditions also matter. Still, majorly, your moon sign can tell a lot about how you feel during a crisis, and how you react and handle it.

Why does Vedic astrology use the moon sign?

Although Sun signs sign signifies the world’s perception of you it cannot match the significance of moon signs. Moon signs and ascendant signs are the most relevant in Vedic Astrology. Know the key difference between the ascendant sign, moon sign and sun sign.

The Moon sign is considered the queen mother in Vedic Astrology. The feminine energy of the moon symbolizes the mind. Moon when well-placed gives the native a cheerful and charming persona with a positive attitude.

Your Personality based on your Moon Sign

  • Aries-

Passionate and self-driven, Arians are always ready to act. As an Aries moon sign, you love challenges and argumentative scenarios. However, it makes you impatient and impulsive. Aries moon natives have their extremes. On one hand, they can be defensive and highly temperamental. On the other hand, they can be great advisors and problem solvers.

  • Taurus-

Moon placed in a house ruled by Venus? The most comfortable position for Moon. The bull under the influence of the Moon seems to resort to finer sentiments of life. They are peaceful, loyal, and kind. Since Moon is comfortable here, Taureans moon natives will be mentally at east, in most cases.

  • Gemini-

Gemini moon natives love to talk, or they are great at initiating and maintaining an interesting conversation. They do not shy away from discussing their sentiments. Gemini Moon is emotionally intelligent and rational.

  • Cancer-

Moon’s own sign, Cancer moon natives are highly sensitive. They are quite attached to their home and family, especially, their mother. They are nurturing and caring. Due to their emotional sensitivity, they need constant reassurance. They are highly intuitive and generous.

  • Leo-

Leo moon natives love attention for all the right reasons. Their charming personality is quite intriguing. They are generous especially to those who support their ego. They are born leaders and appreciate civility (despite their fiery approach).

  • Virgo-

Lunar Virgos ruled by mercury, are analytical and fair-minded. They are compassionate and emotional with the right balance of practicality. Virgo moon natives do not hold grudges and are good at letting go. They are known for their kindness but it should be controlled.

  • Libra-

Peace-lovers, Libra moon natives are known for their balancing nature. They are harmonious and do not entertain unpleasant situations. Some Librans, however, need to beware of turning into people pleasers! They are born charmers and use their wit for their benefit. Sometimes they are pointed out as extra critical and rational.

  • Scorpio-

Moon is not too comfortable in the house of Scorpio. This makes them emotionally vulnerable and mentally unstable. They will be very secretive. The reason behind this nature is that Scorpio moon natives look for something intense and serious. They are not compatible with most as they share their private life only when the trust is earned.

  • Sagittarius-

Sagittarius moon natives are philosophical and knowledge-seekers.  They enjoy the intellectual company. At the same time, they are always on the lookout for soul-stirring conversations.

  • Capricorn-

Capricorns are known for their ambitious nature. Capricorn moon natives admire powerful and resourceful status in life. Governed by Saturn, their ambitions come from sheer hard work and genuine dedication.

  • Aquarius-

Freedom lovers and observers, aquarian moon natives are sometimes rigid but mostly humanitarians. They love to feel secure in all aspects.

  • Pisces-

Pisces moon natives are emotional, sometimes too much. Despite their sentimental drive, they are in tune with their conscience. They are empaths by nature and known for their compassion.


  • Is Moon sign more important in Vedic astrology?

The Moon sign holds greater regard in Vedic astrology. Western astrology, however, gives prominence to sun signs. Ascendant signs or Lagna are equally important if not more important than Moon Signs.

  • Does Vedic astrology use the Sun sign or moon sign?

Sun signs are important in Vedic astrology, just not as relevant as the moon and ascendant signs.

  • Which is more accurate moon sign or sun sign?

Think about it, the sun stays in a sign for almost a month. On the other hand, Moon moves from a sign in two and a half days. This way moon signs are more accurate. While sun signs give away a general overview, moon signs give precise detail about the person.

Your hidden potential, fight or flight response, and decisiveness can be judged through your moon sign and the condition of the moon in your birth chart. Your answer to “best Vedic astrologer near me” lies here. Not only would you be counselled about your destiny but suggested rational remedies to bring every aspect of life on track.

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