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What does each house represent in Vedic astrology?


Everyone is familiar with the significance of Vedic Astrology and its Importance in the prediction of business, childbirth, education, marriage, health ailments, etc. More importantly, it is used for giving remedies and solutions. Janam Kundali, also known as a birth chart or natal chart, is technically a standard astrological way to find out all the specific details about a person. All in all, Janam Kundali has the details of the entire life of a person and it could only be understood through the twelve houses making a Janam Kundali.

Twelve Houses & its representations

The twelve houses show the planetary positions at the time of your birth with the help of your name, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. The main question is- What does each house represent in Vedic astrology?

A Kundali holds the planetary positions that take place during the birth of an individual. These planetary positions lay the entire fate of a person. Based on these positions, an expert can predict your problems, your success and the remedies are surrounding them.

More importantly, let’s take a look at what do the 12 houses of astrology represent-

  1. First House

  • Sign- Aries
  • Lord of the first house- Mars

The first house represents the person, their general vitality/health/immunity, head, brain, overall wellbeing, general personality traits, physical characteristics, the mind’s thought process etc.

  1. Second House

  • Sign- Taurus
  • Lord of the second house – Venus

The second house or bhava is the primary house of assets, material possessions, and wealth. It also represents the mouth, face, tongue region of the body, eyes, basic early education, and general eyesight for both genders.

  1. Third House

  • Sign- Gemini
  • Lord of the third house – Mercury

The third house governs the younger siblings, throat, neck region, hobbies, neighbours, courage, and related activities like communication, singing, media, writing, internet etc. It also represents short term goals and journeys.

  1. Fourth House

  • Sign- Cancer
  • Lord of the fourth house – Moon

The fourth house in Vedic astrology represents your motherland, mother, emotions, real estate, luxuries, personal life, happiness, and feelings etc. It governs your lungs, heart, and chest region, upper spine, comfort, and peace of mind.

  1. Fifth House

  • Sign- Leo
  • Lord of the fifth house – Sun

The fifth house represents creativity, intelligence, imagination, romantic emotions, past life good karma, speculation and competition. It governs the house of wealth, fame, higher education, stomach, kidneys, lower back and heart area.

  1. Sixth House

  • Sign- Virgo
  • Lord of the sixth house- Mercury and Rahu (co-ruler)

The sixth house in Vedic astrology denotes anything that opposes us- acute health conditions, injuries, enemies, debts, breakups, physical pain, thefts, litigation and courts, hygiene, and medication. It represents the small intestine, urinary bladder, pregnancy, pancreas, kidneys, lower back and waist region.

  1. Seventh House

  • Sign- Libra
  • Lord of the seventh house – Venus

The seventh house denotes relationships, business partnerships, married life, legal contracts, sexuality, large intestine, residence far from the birthplace.

  1. Eighth House

  • Sign- Scorpio
  • Lord of the eighth house – Mars, Ketu (co-ruler)

The eighth house in Vedic Astrology represents transformations, sudden events, severe injuries and accidents, deep emotions like despair or hopelessness, turnarounds in life, toxic addictions, deep research and analysis. Change of residence or job, chronic, incurable diseases, and death.

  1. Ninth House

  • Sign- Sagittarius
  • Lord of the ninth house – Jupiter

The ninth house represents Guru, boss, father, higher education institutes, luck, research, destiny, spirituality, long-distance travel, temples, good karma, and positive past life deeds. It also governs divinity, blessings, house of wealth, tailbone region, hips, and thighs.

  1. Tenth House

  • Sign- Capricorn
  • Lord of the tenth house – Saturn

The tenth house denotes overall status in life, job, career, prestige, honour, karma, recognition from the government, powerful positions in career. It also governs the middle portion of the legs.

  1. Eleventh House

  • Sign- Aquarius
  • Lord of the eleventh house – Saturn and Rahu (Co-ruler)

The eleventh house represents income, promotions, professional rewards, long term desires, friends, desires, elder siblings, friends, and social circle. It governs the lower feet and ankle region.

  1. Twelfth House

  • Sign- Pisces
  • Lord of the twelfth house – Jupiter

The twelfth house denotes expenses, imprisonment, loss of freedom and materialism, meditation, letting go, and Moksha.

Take a look at some FAQs

  • What are the bad houses in Vedic astrology?

There are no bad houses in Vedic astrology.  

  • What is the lord of a house in astrology?

The lord/ owner/ ruling planet of a house is the primary significator of the entire theme of the house. For instance-

  • Moon denotes mother
  • Sun denotes father
  • Mercury represents communication, logic, rationality.
  • Venus represents relationships, aesthetics, material possessions.
  • Mars represents energy, passion, desires.
  • Jupiter represents growth, prosperity, good fortune.
  • Saturn represents responsibility, discipline, maturity.

What do houses mean in co-star?

  • 1st house: Self-image
  • 2nd house: Your personal resources
  • 3rd house: What you know
  • 4th house: Home life
  • 5th house: Pleasure & creativity
  • 6th house: Productivity
  • 7th house: Significant relationships
  • 8th house: Beginnings and endings
  • 9th house: Open-mindedness
  • 10th house: How people see you
  • 11th house: Friends & acquaintances
  • 12th house: Unconscious

Which house is responsible for a career?

The 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses are considered prime when it comes to astrology.

What do empty houses mean in astrology?

Do not relate empty houses to bad luck or fortune related to the events and things it represents. An empty house could however signify that it is not a priority in your life.

Before you, as a reader draw a conclusion on your own, please note that Vedic astrology is deep-dive research and each house represents a lot more than the significations mentioned above. For a comprehensive analysis, you must consult an experienced astrologer.

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