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Vedic Astrology Birth Chart: Growing Popularity & Familiarity


The future is determined by many things but two of the most significant things are— destiny and free will.

While destiny is what life takes us through- the good, bad, and ugly, our free will is how we react and act according to situations. Why is this relevant now? What makes it important for the youth to understand the prevalence of Vedic astrology predictions?

Among the most common issues the world faces that troubles them in various forms is an identity crisis. Whether you are in the bloom of your youth or entering your retirement years, at some point, one goes clueless as to what they are doing or going to do in their lives. After all, a blueprint of everything secures its future so why not be aware of your life’s blueprint to lead a happy and successful life? It is all the more crucial for youngsters to track their strengths and shortcomings through their kundli to know exactly where they are headed.

Self-knowledge is the basis of all knowledge and no external analysis can judge or condition our true being. What better than your birth chart to understand yourself in the most efficacious manner?

Is Vedic astrology more accurate?

Accuracy and relevance come from reliability. Vedic Astrology can be related with and accounted on. There is a world within you that is created at the time of your birth and soars through the cosmic elements. It is how your life path and choices are decided. Vedic astrology birth chart denotes exactly that and if only you are able to analyze it, your efforts, desires, and dreams to fruition.

It is no coincidence that some phases are low while others go unexpectedly well. Some require immense hard work while others achieve success by a stroke of luck. If you make good use of Vedic astrology, you elevate yourself to the highest expression of being. Each house is significant in your birth chart and the accuracy of Vedic astrology is amplified through the strengths of each house.

How does Vedic Astrology affect your career?

There are times in life where you seem to be at crossroads, for a teenager, it could be which stream or subjects to opt for. For young adults, it could be confusing to see themselves settled at one career path.  Even a person in his or her late forties could make money and still be unhappy with the professional journey they have encountered.

I am often asked- “Is Vedic Astrology real?”, “What will be best career for me according to astrology?”, “How do I know my career astrology?” Different questions but answers remain the same- it’s all within you. Your Kundli is the torch to the career path you choose regardless of what you learn. Why? Because your personality, habits, inclinations, and choices will reflect in your profession which may or may not align with your career.

When it comes to career prediction, it is a common phenomenon to state that the 10th house and its lord represent your career. There is no denying this fact but your ascendant sign and its lord also affect your decisions related to your career as it is your sole self. When you learn to analyze your Kundli, you can make tremendous success, each day, for that matter.

You could be born to become a successful researcher but spend your time being a depressed corporate employee. It is no harm in being in the corporate world but what’s not meant for you will, without a doubt, fail to satisfy you.

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How does Vedic Astrology help in a crisis?

Modern-day problems range from family disputes to being jobless and even health problems. Situations like these do not come with a disclaimer and the only way to deal with them is by being aware beforehand.

You could be suffering from depression in silence, with no fault of your own. This requires careful introspection that nips the root cause rather than a fictitious diagnosis. The right remedy to depression varies from person to person as it lies in your strengths that are possible only through Vedic astrology analysis. You may not realize that it could be a Mahadasha or a Dosh that is keeping you aloof all day.

You could be all the more inclined to drugs, alcohol, or substance abuse. Sometimes, the addiction is beyond control and the only antidote to it other than medication and therapy is to channelize the root cause. This can be assessed through your Kundli and progress can be made in time.

Being forewarned is being forearmed and that is how Vedic astrology helps you.

In this day, age, and pace, you cannot afford to make a wrong move.  Follow the blogs to learn the science and art of excelling in life through the most ancient form of astrology. Contact me to understand the life path you are destined for.

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