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The Planetary Serendipity: It is Your Time to Shine!


Every year arrives with some significant, life-altering planetary retrograde or transit event that affects all zodiac signs. It is no less than a roller coaster ride; it takes some zodiac signs to reach new heights, some with the lowest of the lows, and some with neutral results. That’s how significant such events are. Most people take a look at it to be careful during the phase. Sometimes they are warned of not making an important decision. Others can prepare themselves to work hard to achieve the stars and moon

October begins with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in retrograde motion, sounds challenging but wait for the silver lining as this festive month will have these three major planets in direct motion.

  • Saturn in Direct motion on 11th October 2021 in Capricorn
  • Mercury in Direct motion on 18th October 2021 in Virgo
  • Jupiter in Direct motion on 18th October 2021 in Capricorn

Of all the nine planets, Jupiter is considered among the most auspicious, beneficial, and of course, the largest planet.  According to Vedic astrology, this planet is deemed as the mentor or Guru who imparts knowledge and enlightenment. Rightly so, it is the greatest planet there is.  It is known for reducing the adverse effects even if the planet itself is malefic in the birth chart. The positive results are huge; the person would be blessed with fortune, luck, high morals, values, and success. This year we have the disciplinary Saturn and the master itself, all set for the grand transit. You should now know why 2021 has been so tough all this while and how everything would start making sense this October.

However, it is all the effects of the karma the world has been doing. With Saturn in transit in its own house, the debts will be paid, and the fruits will be reaped according to your karma. Like any other transit, the effects are coming your way and would plan to stay and continue its effect. With the onset of October 2021, it is a significant time and has tremendous effects on all the signs.  Take a look.

  • Aries

This time is going to be favorable for Aries with respect to foreign sources. You will be getting multiple chances to prove yourself in your career. Achievement is guaranteed this year. Do not miss the job-related travels as they would bring you fruitful results. Be alert of the false accusations at work; stay humble, and don’t get into arguments. This phase is going to make to hardworking and competitive, so make sure to make full use of this time. Don’t hurry with important decisions. Have patience and rethink before you speak.

  • Taurus

Taureans can expect some outstanding level of confidence. You feel energetic and innovative to fulfill all your desires and passions. Make use of the charismatic charm to make things work in your favor. You will also be spiritually inclined towards your relationships. Great time to rectify things that went wrong in your life by introspecting your mistakes. Be sure to make good use of your intellect as Jupiter will aspect your fifth house.

  • Gemini

All your concerns regarding your family and peace of mind will come to fruition. You will get good results in your career and shine among your colleagues. 18th October onwards, your Lagna lord, Mercury will become direct, so all your pending work will successfully end. You will be getting lots of spiritual ideas and clarity. Good time for your health and vitality.

  • Cancer

You will be able to put your thoughts into action. Keep track of how you are communicating, utilizing your logical and analytical intellect, and expressing your ideas. You could feel isolated and detached from the surrounding, but it is all for the better as it will only help boost your achievements. Personal space utilized in quality time will never go in vain.

  • Leo

Get ready for some unexpected gains and generous wealth this month. If not, you may find new sources of income, wealth, and investments in this phase. However, you need to be careful while signing contracts and finalizing business deals.

  • Virgo

October brings along a fresh and energetic mindset which needs to be utilized well. Virgo ascendants are going to be seen in a positive and confident light wherever they go. Having said that, take care of your speech and ego.

  • Libra

It is going to be a good time for your morals, intellect, speech, wealth, and overall approach towards life. Relationships with your family members are going to get better. A major piece of advice to you would be not to take any big decision related to finances.

  • Scorpio

Scorpio ascendants are bound to get recognition from their peers and seniors. Improvement in logical and analytical thinking leading to gains. Expect some positive opportunities that you have worked hard for.

  • Sagittarius

Although the time is great wait till 18th October as by this date both Jupiter and Mercury will become direct to make an important decision. Till then work on your professional choices and rethink if required.

  • Capricorn

Saturn and Jupiter will be transiting through the first house. This transit is going to work out to great for you against all odds. Expect a sigh of relief as it will benefit your comfort level, personality, and health. Make sure, to be honest, while your financial transactions and work front.

  • Aquarius

There is a lot of travel involved that would work in your favor. Take care of unwanted expenditures and health. Good time to introspect your work and life choices.

  • Pisces

This transit will bring success and energy to your life. Saturn is a slow-moving planet so positive improvements in your case will take some time. Great time to build connections.

Be prepared for some crucial changes and events, it will have a huge impact on every aspect of your life. Although it would vary from ascendant to ascendant, the results are overall positive. Regardless of how this transit turns out for each sign, personal planetary placement will also affect your life. Issues and concerns could be deep-rooted and might require correct guidance from an expert. After all, Vedic astrology exists to make your life easier. Contact for personal kundli reading.

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