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The Nakshatra Series – Pushya Nakshatra


Next in the Nakshatra Series is Pushya Nakshatra, the nourisher. It stands eighth in the list of Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It falls between 3.20’ to 16°40′ in Cancer. It is best associated with the elements of Saturn as its ruling planet and Brihaspati as its deity. It is the Star of nourishment, with a symbol of a cow udder and lotus while symbolising knowledge and spirituality. Read on to find the chief characteristics and traits of natives born under Pushya Nakshatra.

What is Pushya Nakshatra?

It is among the most auspicious nakshatras and the natives born under it are considered very fortunate. The cosmic powers miraculously come in support to discard negativity. Even in the direst times, they have the strength to overcome toxicity. Their innate trait is to provide, care, and protect. There is no ounce of ego in them, they find bliss in simplicity. Be it good times, food or people, they love to be happy and surrounded by positivity. Their generosity, decency, and compassion make them popular people in society.  They have a creative mindset which reflects in their work and choices. They like to provide a luxurious life for their family with hard work and devotion.

Pushya Nakshatra Male

The males born under this nakshatra are full of love and care but fail to express it. They have an old-school way of feeling things. Thus, they do not believe in taking risks. They are known for their loyalty be it friendships or more. They have a habit of being in their comfort zone because they are not good at making big life-changing decisions. Given their kindness and emotional nature, they could also give away a slightly selfish attitude. It is because they like to please themselves every now and then. They have a small circle and refrain from having too many people as “friends”. The softness in their nature could invite malicious trouble sometimes. The natives should think before trusting and forming personal and professional bonds.


These natives have the will and confidence to take up whatever may come their way. They not only have the ability to prove themselves, but they also have the urge to show their competence to the world.  But they should watch out as they could easily get overburdened with work and get stressed. They should go for a career field that does not require too much interaction as even the slightest criticism could ruin their day and affect their productivity. A task and a target-oriented job could also work for them as they like being challenged.

Health & Compatibility

Pushya Nakshatra male natives face several health issues from a very young age. This could trouble them till their late teens. After that stage, things look better from a health perspective. Still, they should remain active and avoid lethargy.

They have a strong inclination towards having a big family and providing for them. Their happiness depends on their supportive family. Pushya nakshatra males get distressed easily and therefore, support from their family plays a big role in their life. When it comes to relationships, they are the ones to sit and talk rather than escape the situation.

Pushya Nakshatra Female

As gentle as they are, peace does not come easily to them. There is a lot of struggle that goes behind attaining solace. This could also be because of their busy lifestyle. People often use their innocence against her. Their goodness has taught them valuable lessons; in the most brutal way possible. This is because people have taken advantage of their love and hardly ever reciprocated it. Still, they do not believe in avenging the betrayal as they believe in the almighty’s greatness and the way He works. They actively participate in religious rituals and believe in spirituality.


Pushya nakshatra women know their finances well. They can handle and manage monetary assets smartly. This eventually makes them good investors. Fortunately for them, they also get good returns on investments, especially in real estate. Due to their smartness, they are quick to deliver good results, achieve targets, and consequently get faster promotions. This could invite jealousy in the professional world but one must maintain their dignity and not let the negativity absorb them.

Health & Compatibility

Not too different from the male natives, they too suffer from health issues from a very young age. Once they enter their twenties the problems will begin to decline. Still, skin-related issues will remain a constant trouble for them. Prevention and precaution are the only cure for all their health problems.

Pushya Nakshatra 2023 Dates and Time

Date Beginning Time Ending Time
January 08, 2023 03:08, Jan 08 06:05, Jan 09
February 04, 2023 09:16, Feb 04 12:13, Feb 05
March 03, 2023 15:43, Mar 03 18:41, Mar 04
March 30, 2023 22:59, Mar 30 01:57, Apr 01
April 27, 2023 07:00, Apr 27 09:53, Apr 28
May 24, 2023 15:06, May 24 17:54, May 25
June 20, 2023 22:37, Jun 20 01:21, June 22
July 18, 2023 05:11, Jul 18 07:58, Jul 19
August 14, 2023 11:07, Aug 14 13:59, Aug 15
September 10, 2023 17:06, Sep 10 20:01, Sep 11
October 07, 2023 23:57 Oct 07 02:45, Oct 09
November 04, 2023 07:57, Nov 04 10:29, Nov 05
December 01, 2023 16:40, Dec 01 18:54, Dec 02
December 30, 2023 01:05, Dec 28 03:10 Dec 29

2023 General Prediction for Pushya Nakshatra

Career & Finance

This is a year full of opportunities on the professional front. Planets will work in your support to help you achieve the position of your dreams. Make sure to steer clear of any self-doubt and negativity that comes your way. Your confidence will pave the path to success this year. If you are into business, expect some good profits in the second quarter. The year will begin and end with great opportunities that will keep you encouraged.

This encouragement will keep you motivated to work on your financial prospects. Whatever you may have been planning, it is time to start executing them. There might be some delays because the progress seems slow but it remains steady. There can be some complications around the middle of the year. Make sure to stay in touch with an expert who will guide you throughout the process. As long as you keep your plan ethical, things will work in your favour.

Health & Relationship

Health remains good this year and if there have been any ailments troubling you these past years then this year will enable you to heal. The middle of the year will be slow in terms of health and you might face problems related to metabolism and immunity. This could also be because of a busy work schedule. Things will begin to look great again after July. Still, it would be best to set a routine and eat a good diet throughout the year to remain fit.

This year will push you to make some important decisions related to matters related to love and commitment. You have been overthinking and remaining confused for the past few months. It is time to introspect and make good, wise decisions to secure your happiness.

That’s all for Pushya Nakshatra folks! Your ability to nurture and care is out of this world. Still, there are so many things to learn and unlearn. Let’s connect for a personalised kundli reading session to take a closer look at your destiny.

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