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The Nakshatra Series – Punarvasu Nakshatra


Next in the Nakshatra Series is Punarvasu Nakshatra, the two restorers of goods. It stands seventh in the list of Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It falls between 20.00’ in Gemini to 3.20’ in Cancer. It is best associated with the elements of Jupiter as its ruling planet and Goddess Aditi as its deity. In some cultures, it is known as the Star of sorrow and the star of oppression, with a symbol of a bow and quiver and symbolizing truth, compassion, and motivation. Read on to find the chief characteristics and traits of natives born under Punarvasu Nakshatra.

What is Punarvasu Nakshatra?

Natives born under this Nakshatra are all about peace and harmony. They are always on the lookout for happiness and never fail to spread the same. There is not a single ounce of insecurity or negativity in them. This not only makes them optimists but also benevolent (in a real sense) people. Even when they are caught in a problem, they keep calm and remain positive throughout. This should not come as a surprise as they are truly blessed with virtue by the Guru itself. Yes, in the end, they are humans and like the good things in life but cannot be labelled as materialistic. There are some things that are absolute deal-breakers for them are treacherous and illegal activities. They will never themselves or let anyone indulge in such activities. Three words— Happy-Go-Lucky to sum up their nature.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Male

He is a God-fearing spiritual man who is inclined to indulge in religious activities and ceremonies. Although he has a good nature and is on his best behaviour during his Prime years. However, with age, they develop certain traits that could label them as an arrogant man. This makes his personality complicated and hard to understand to an extent that any relationship with him could get tricky at one point. He likes material gains as much as he likes virtue and morality.


These natives can more or less excel in any field they wish to focus on. Still, a career in performing arts or teaching will work for them. Any field that requires a bit of unfair play and a clever mind, would not work out for them. This is because they are too dedicated and honest to be a part of something that does align with their principles. Therefore, business is also not recommended for them and even if they do venture into business, partnerships should be strictly avoided. There is a streak of slight inconvenience in his professional life due to his honesty and innocence.

Health & Family Life

Punarvasu males tend to know how to take care of themselves. They mostly lead a healthy lifestyle and therefore, their immunity and vitals remain strong. Minute health issues could affect their routine. However, there is no trace of any chronic illnesses.

With Jupiter’s grace, they are respectful towards everyone around them. The regard goes both ways as they are always seen in a good light. Despite that, the chances of a second marriage are high. They would be most worried about their partner’s health, which could result in unnecessary tensions. Friction between close family members could trigger mental health issues.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Female

The female natives are born with a heart of gold and a tongue no less than a weapon. They will not shy away from expressing themselves, regardless of how it may affect anyone. This often leads to negative criticism towards her. There is no denying that they like good things in life and prefer comfort. They are calm until criticised unnecessarily.


Females of this nakshatra have a strong penchant for business and related investments. They are skilled and talented in creative arts and music. Their interests extend to folk forms of art, music, and art. They have the confidence and mindset to launch their business and if they fuse it with their passion then there is nothing stopping them. There is immense success and fortune written in their stars if they choose a field based on their talent.

Health & Family Life

Contrary to the male natives, females born under Punarvasu nakshatra could face health issues like tuberculosis, ear problems, jaundice, indigestion, and goitre. They are also among those who do not care much about their health and indulge in practices that could affect their health. These natives need to get serious about their health and act accordingly.

At this point, you already know, the female natives like good things in life. That counts under partnership as well. They will have a good-looking and understanding partner. This is why the alliance will be a successful one despite the minor hiccups in their marital bond.

Punarvasu Nakshatra 2023 Dates and Time

Date Beginning Time Ending Time
January 07, 2023 00:14, Jan 07 03:08, Jan 08
February 03, 2023 06:18, Feb 03 09:16, Feb 04
March 02, 2023 02:43, Mar 02 15:43, Mar 03
March 29, 2023 00:07, Mar 29 22:59, Mar 30
April 26, 2023 04:21, Apr 26 07:00, Apr 27
May 23, 2023 12:39, May 23 15:06, May 24
June 19, 2023 20:11, Jun 19 22:37, Jun 20
July 17, 2023 02:39, Jul 17 05:11, Jul 18
August 13, 2023 08:26, Aug 13 11:07, Aug 14
September 02, 2023 12:30, Sep 02 10:38, Sep 03
September 09, 2023 14:26 Sep 09 17:06, Sep 10
October 06, 2023 21:32, Oct 06 23:57, Oct 07
November 03, 2023 05:57, Nov 03 07:57, Nov 04
November 30, 2023 15:01, Nov 30 16:40 Dec 01
December 27, 2023 23:29 Dec 27 01:05, Dec 29


2023 General Prediction for Punarvasu Nakshatra


Hasty and abrupt decisions will not work for Punarvasu Nakshatra natives. Your career will see gradual but steady growth this year– as long as you remain calm and ditch the unnecessary urgency. The year will begin on a complex note and with the second half of the year, there will be some clarity. The last quarter will be exceptionally good for your career.

Health & Relationship

2023 comes like a fresh breeze for you. you will feel energetic and positive throughout the year. But excess of everything is bad, make sure to put the energy to good use and build it for your benefit. Let’s not take good health for granted. Said that, cherish your relationships, express yourself and make sure to maintain a cordial bond with the ones who care for you.

That’s all for Punarvasu Nakshatra natives, you are blessed by mighty Jupiter, still, there could be some factors that play a major role in deciding your fate. To get a clear picture, consult me for a personalized Kundli reading session.

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