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Planet in Focus – Mercury – Let’s Communicate


Ever wondered how effortlessly your colleague communicates in the office? How your friend can easily strike up conversations with strangers? While others can express themselves better, some find it difficult. All your concerns related to communication and intellect are governed by the planet Mercury.

Significance of Mercury in Vedic astrology

An auspicious planet that is a factor of expression, intelligence, and logic, Mercury is deemed very important in Vedic astrology. While Sun and Venus are friends of Mercury, the moon and mars are not. Saturn is on neutral terms with Mercury. The day for worshipping and strengthening Mercury is Wednesday.

Mercury bestows the person with intelligence that does not limit to logical and analytical thoughts.  It gives the person enough wits to face all hurdles in life with utmost strength.

What does Mercury represent in Vedic Astrology?

Other than signifying communicative and analytical ability, it is the Karak planet of the nervous system, nose, navel, skin, chest, hair, face, lungs, nerves, gall bladder, tongue, and arms. If in any way it has a malefic effect, it may result in psychological issues, dizziness, paralysis, typhoid, cholera, seizure, ulcers etc.

Natives born under the strong influence of Mercury will always appear younger than their biological age. Despite an average height, their body will always appear well-formed and slender.

What if Mercury is strong in horoscope?

Mercury is an auspicious planet but the benefits follow through depending on the combination with other planets and its placement. If you have strong Mercury in your birth chart:

  • You will be expressive enough to put your thoughts into words firmly.
  • You will have all the qualities to be a good counsellor. That said, people trust you for guidance.
  • The native will be analytical, ingenious, and intelligent from her/his formative years.
  • You will be innately creative and quick to develop soft skills.
  • The native will earn a reputed status in society.
  • Mercury’s influence will have you respected in your professional and personal lives.
  • The native has the chance to either garner huge success in print media, journalism, teaching, writing, and related fields OR as a high-profile government officer (when in conjunction with a powerful planet).

The benefits could vary depending on important Yogs in your Kundli.

What if Mercury is weak in horoscope?

Mercury is not a malefic planet but when ill-placed could result adversely. Take a look at the indications

  • There is a chance that one suffers from a prolonged illness or possibly a chronic disease.
  • The native becomes lethargic, moody, and extremely lazy. This affects their mental health as the tendency of suffering from clouded minds increases. This could result in depression.
  • One may indulge in lying and betrayals; comfortably.
  • Addiction to toxic substances, although rare, could happen to some. One may get drawn to unlawful activities.
  • There is a high chance of developing skin diseases.
  • You may or may not want to become knowledgeable but one does fall short of intelligence and relevant knowledge.
  • Since Mercury grants the native confidence to communicate and express, it does the opposite when placed in an inauspicious position. The native might stammer a lot and may have speech difficulties.
  • Natives born under the influence of a weak Mercury will be cunning and mischievous.

The silver lining here is that the conditions could be better with the right guidance. Contact me to improve the condition of Mercury in your birth chart.


  • Is Mercury good in astrology?

Mercury is an auspicious planet and blesses the person with the right confidence to present themselves socially. As mentioned earlier, the planetary aspects also matter. Mercury is also auspicious for artists and writers.

  • Which Rashi lord is Mercury?

Mercury is known as Grahapati. It rules over two signs; Gemini and Virgo.

  • What is the personality of Mercury?

Mercury is dualistic, variable, accommodating, neutral, and feminine plant. Mercury hardly ever acts independently. It will always show results according to the planet that aspects it. Nature is airy or Vata.

  • What color represents Mercury?

Green is the colour of Mercury.

  • Which stone is for Mercury?

Given the fact that green is the colour of Mercury, Emerald also known as Panna becomes the stone for Mercury.

Mercury is considered the prince among all planets. And while you may exhibit most royal traits when Mercury is good, it goes haywire when not positioned well. The best part of Mercury is that the effects are convertible. With the right remedies suggested by the top Vedic astrologer in India, you can garner the blessings of majestic Mercury.

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