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Importance of First House in Vedic Astrology


The house of self, the house of beginnings, the first house is also known as the ascendant house in Vedic Astrology.  It is known to govern an individual’s personality, physical body, appearance, head, and livelihood.

The first house is a significant part of the Kundli as it also tells a lot about the strength of the horoscope.  This is because it is interconnected to other houses. How can you estimate the strengths and weaknesses of your life through the first house? Take a look.

What does the First House represent?

Also known as Tanu Bhava, it is referred to as the house or central unit of the body. Our first house or Lagna governs the image that you portray to the world. It also gives a vague idea about your general traits and childhood. The first house refers to our demeanour and our approach to life. The first house also represents your peace of mind and temperament.

Depending on the planet or Lagna lord ruling the first house your physical appearance, complexion, and body structure also vary. The first house is the ultimate throne of the kingdom of your life. Whichever planet gets placed or influences it, your mind and your decisions will come into play accordingly.

The first house is ruled by the Aries sign and Mars is its Lagna lord. And with the change of ascendant signs and lords, the influence also varies. So if your ascendant sign is Libra, Venus automatically becomes the governing lord. What people fail to realize is that signs change but houses and their representations remain intact.

To understand this concept, take a general example of a plot/ house with a tenant (signs). The tenants might change from time to time (person to person). But the foundation of the house remains the same. Here the foundation is the factor that the house represents. So when a tenant “takes over” they will naturally make significant changes in the house and the attributes it represents. Some tenants will be comfortable throughout, few might have issues. So when you ask “What do my houses mean in astrology?” this is the simplest explanation to it. For instance, the first house is the house of self. If Gemini as an ascendant sign takes over the first house, Mercury becomes the Lagna lord and has a clear influence on the native.

Given you are a Gemini ascendant, your birth chart will begin from 3 and the rest of the signs will fall into place anti-clockwise.

Now that you understand the basic concept of Kundli, take a look at the effects of different planets in the first house

  • Sun in the 1st House

This is a comfortable placement for Sun. You will be blessed with confidence and a strong personality. And unless it is not overshadowed by a negative influence (Rahu/Ketu etc.) you will be headstrong. Sun in the first house can also make you reckless but always filled with energy.

  • Moon in 1st House

The native will have an amiable personality from the moon, the influence of the Moon in the first house will bring inconsistency. Due to this difference, the native might come out as shy or someone with less confidence. Unless the influence of different ascendant signs builds you differently, the moon in the house of Mars will make the native a people pleaser.

  • Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter is hardly ever malefic. The influence of Jupiter is so significant that it will bestow upon blessings even in the most uncomfortable placements. When Jupiter sits in the first house, it makes the person virtuous. The native will be compassionate and generous. Jupiter is known for expansion and clearly, the native with Jupiter in the first house will always positively focus on the bigger picture in life.

  • Venus in 1st House

When Venus “owns” the first house the native is, without a doubt, a born charmer. But they will also be highly vulnerable to toxic indulgence. It may also build you up with some pride that will sometimes be uncalled for. The blessings of Venus, in this case, should be used to advantage with humility.

  • Mars in 1st House

The beauty of this combination is such that as long as you use it to your benefit, your grand success is guaranteed. Mars in their own house, although great, can go haywire. The native will be impulsive and filled with courage. The fiery nature of Mars placed in the first house could lead to a short temperament. The power of Mars should be put to good use.

  • Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in this house will make you curious. The native right from childhood will exhibit strong intellectual nature. They will naturally have an adaptable and accommodating personality. Mercury in the first house could also make you chatter non-stop. The native will be witty but slightly impatient.

  • Saturn in 1st House

Saturn’s placement in the first house will make the native introverted and dutiful. They will be dutiful and responsible. Childhood will be slightly uncomfortable but moral character will bring success to life.


  • What is the 1st house ruled by?

It is ruled by Aries and the planet Mars.

  • What does it mean if your 1st house is empty?

Empty houses are not indicative of anything negative. Empty houses indicate that the effects will depend on the ruler of the house.

Vedic astrology is a science with changing variables. Your first house represents your dynamics with the world. To know more about your first house and its influence on your life schedule a personalised Kundli reading session with me.

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