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The Nakshatra Series – Swati Nakshatra


Next in the Nakshatra Series is Swati Nakshatra, the great mover. It stands fifteenth in the list of Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It falls between 6°40′ to 20°00′ in Libra. It is best associated with the elements of Rahu as its ruling planet and Vayu Dev- Vishvakarma as its deities. It is known as the first pure drop of rain while symbolizing independence and movement. Read on to find the chief characteristics and traits of natives born under Swati Nakshatra.

What is Swati Nakshatra?

Sometimes you come across people who give the know-it-all, the got-it-all aura in them and yet they choose to be humble. Chances are, you are meeting someone born under Swati Nakshatra. They have the talent, zeal, and bright minds to ace and express all they wish to execute.  Their communication skills and thought process are unparalleled and it shows. This not only adds to their magnetism but also an upper hand in the crowd.  Social behaviour and etiquette make them unique and above the rest. And just when one thinks their persona could not get any better, their positive attitude takes the win. Regardless of any circumstance or situation, their demeanour remains strong and hopeful.

Swati Nakshatra Male

The males born under Swati Nakshatra are among the most self-reliant and independent of all. They live by their rules and can be seen as a rebel. However, their intention is never to let their decisions affect others. They are young minds with old souls. They are very respectful of everyone around them. They are also hopeless romantics. Even though males born under Swati Nakshatra may be seen as egoists sometimes, this does not mean that Swati Nakshatra males are not peaceful. Male natives in the Swati Nakshatra are simply self-dependent. They are not generally short-tempered. However, when they do get angry, it may be difficult to calm them down. Males born in the Swati Nakshatra are hard-working and do not like to be criticized. They are proud and will never cheat others, nor will they tolerate cheating themselves. Even though they are always ready to help others, they will not like to compromise their freedom.


Male natives of Swati Nakshatra are extremely intelligent. However, they would only be able to tap the full potential of their intelligence after they turn 25. Before they are the age of 25, they may not be mentally as well as financially stable. Males born under Swati Nakshatra are generally advised to concentrate on practical skills until they turn 25 to prepare their skill sets for their careers afterwards. The best time for their career is between the age of 30 and 60. They thrive if they are in a profession related to wood. It is also advised to males of Swati Nakshatra to have all businesses set up in a partnership to maximize their profits. Male natives of Swati Nakshatra should be careful regarding any speculative investments as they may prove detrimental.

Health & Compatibility

The overall health and well-being of the male natives of Swati Nakshatra would be immaculate. However, on occasion, they are prone to suffering from stomach-related problems, bone aches, or piles. The males born under Swati Nakshatra are advised to work hard to ensure that they enjoy a happily married life. Their marriage is likely to be arranged. Generally, their married life may suffer from arguments revolving around their financial situation. However, this does not mean that the marriage would not be compatible. In fact, males born under Swati Nakshatra will be able to enjoy their married life without needing any familial intervention.

Swati Nakshatra Female

The female born under the Swati nakshatra is generally very compassionate, social, and outgoing regarding her long and short-term goals. However, even though they are considered modern in their pattern of thinking, it doesn’t mean that they are not religious. Even though the female native of swati nakshatra are quite social, they would usually have a hard time making new friends and finding a partner. This is generally because they prefer taking their time to ensure that they make the proper choices. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, they are extremely honest and loyal to their partner. The female natives of the Swati nakshatra believe in moving on and have a positive attitude towards life such as they view everything happening in their life as a lesson. They prefer being at home instead of travelling.


The female natives of Swati Nakshatra are competent in achieving more than they can imagine in their profession. If they work with dedication, they are rewarded with more fame in their profession. However, the females under swati nakshatra are prone to struggling a bit to obtain an education. They may need to drop out as well, but this situation would not be permanent.

Health & Compatibility

The overall health of the females born under Swati Nakshatra is typically well. They are generally extremely attached to their family. Female natives of the Swati Nakshatra would have a marriage with average compatibility and a happy marriage.

Swati Nakshatra 2023 Dates and Time 

Date Begins Ends
January 15, 2023 19:12 Jan 15 19:23, Jan 16
February 12, 2023 01:40, Feb 12 02:47, Feb 13
March 11, 2023 07:11, Mar 11 08:00, Mar 12
April 07, 2023 13:33, Apr 07 13:59, Apr 08
May 04, 2023 21:35, May 04 21:35, May 04
June 1, 2023 06:48, Jun 01 06:53, Jun 02
June 28, 2023 16:01, Jun 28 16:30, Jun 29
July 26, 2023 00:03, Jul 25 01:10, July 27
August 22, 2023 06:31, Aug 22 08:08, Aug 23
September 18, 2023 12:08, Sep 18 13:48, Sep 19
October 15, 2023 18:13, Oct 15 19:35, Oct 16
November 12, 2023 01:47, Nov 12 02:51, Nov 13
December 09, 2023 10:43, Dec 09 11:50, Dec 10 

2023 General Prediction for Swati Nakshatra

Career & Finance

In 2023, the natives born under Swati Nakshatra would be happy about their businesses and career. They may earn popularity in their line of work. During the year, Swati Nakshatra natives may advance on the financial front and manage any existing loans well to add strength to their financial status.

As far as the finances of Swati Nakshatra natives are concerned in 2023, they can gain reasonable confidence to manage any challenges. However, they should avoid being overconfident. They might witness a few financial crunches sometimes. However, they will be able to overcome them with intelligence.

In July 2023, natives under the Swati Nakshatra will obtain some opportunities. However, during the second half of the year, they may witness some obstacles in their career growth owing to the poor arrangement of the planets. They are advised to keep themselves encouraged during this planetary movement as they may enter a new occupation next year. They can carry out their business pleasingly in 2023 and can obtain some growth.

Health & Relationship

The relationships for people born under Swati Nakshatra in 2023 may witness some changes. It is recommended that they stay committed to their partners this year. Swati Nakshatra natives this year will experience good health. However, they may face some issues related to their stomach.

There may be some negative influence on their relationship. However, their positive approach can help them in gaining extraordinary strength if things turn south. The second half of the year will bring some stability to their relationships.

As far as their health is concerned, they may witness some issues surrounding their stomach. It is important to avoid junk food, particularly during October, November, and December. Natives of Swati Nakshatra are advised to stick to a healthy schedule to avoid getting sick unnecessarily.

That’s all for Swati Nakshatra, but the doors to perfection still remain partially closed as you are not aware of your full potential. Consult me for a detailed Kundli analysis.

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