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The Nakshatra Series – Rohini Nakshatra


Today, we continue on the Nakshatra Series with Rohini Nakshatra, the Red One. It stands fourth in the list of Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It falls between 10°00′ to 23.20’ in Taurus. It is best associated with the elements of the Moon governed by Lord Brahma. Its formation involves a combination of six stars, giving it a symbol of a chariot and signifying development, fertility, and growth. Read on to find chief characteristics and traits of natives born under Rohini Nakshatra

What is Rohini Nakshatra?

These natives live in their imaginative world and they do not shy away from having a materialistic approach. It is fairly easy to spot them in a room full of people, their alluring persona does the needful. The charm also lies in their magnetic yet gentle aura. You might not be overly extroverted but you are highly expressive. This ability makes you capable of remaining in the public eye with the utmost respect. Your aim is to serve the nation and your society, and it shows. You care for your and your loved ones’ health. This gives you satisfaction on an emotional level. Another thing that gives you peace of mind is your spirit to always live in the present.

Rohini Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Despite the notable characteristics of the Nakshatra, the male native is tough to tame. They can be stubborn to an extent that can turn into anger. This nature comes from being self-centred at times. The male natives also have a habit of being too critical of others. This unwanted criticism often works against them.  This also happens because they perceive themselves to be perfectionists; which might irritate some. On the flip side, these natives love their family (particularly their mother) to an extent that is always ready to make sacrifices.


There is some struggle in their fate from their late teens to mid-thirties. Once they cross that age, there is no dearth of success. These ups and downs teach them the right life lessons needed for them to grow as a humble man. The peak of their professional life starts from their late thirties to mid-fifties. This does not imply that they face huge losses in other stages, the career is going to remain neutral at that age. Rohini Nakshatra male natives can do immensely well in business but when it comes to partnerships, they have to remain extra cautious.

Health & Family Life

The male natives must remain cautious about overindulgence as it could lead to terminal health disorders. They should remain extra careful about blood-related issues. Even the minutest discrepancy should not be ignored. That said, they should keep a tab on sugar consumption as well.

On the family front, there is slight friction felt with their father. You bond better with your mother.

Rohini Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female natives are struck by the charm and elegance of the moon. They are social and acquire public ethics and mannerisms. This is because they are a good blend of traditional values and modern morals. This gives them a rather admiring personality. They also know their aesthetics well so their homes, particularly, are well-lit and decorated. Given their social skills, they make friends everywhere. They are also cordial with their relatives (distant or blood).

Rohini Nakshatra females are highly sensitive and they will not think twice before reacting if anything hits a nerve. And that’s among the reasons they lose friends. As they are easily provoked, people around her need to be careful with their words.


Rohini Nakshatra females are quite responsible and diligent. So no matter what they take up, they will execute it with perfection. Her professionalism is not indicative of her efforts to please her peers. Instead, she does it to give herself satisfaction. She is naturally creative and skilled. She does her best in the fields of advertising, art, fashion or jewellery designing, and other creative industries.

Health & Family Life

The health of female natives is not a trivial matter. Some minor issues related to the legs and reproductive organs should not be ignored.

Female natives, married or not, lead a comfortable and supportive family life. There is peace and understanding between the couple. However, their sensitive nature could make them a little insecure about their husband’s whereabouts. For a blissful marital life, she should work on their rigidity.

Rohini Nakshatra 2023 Dates and Time

Date Beginning Time Ending Time
January 13, 2023 17:07, Jan 13 20:18, Jan 14
February 10, 2023 00:23, Feb 10 03:32, Feb 11
March .9, 2023 08:31, Mar 09 11:30, Mar 10
April 05, 2023 16:52, Apr 05 19:40, Apr 06
May 03, 2023 00:34, May 03 03:18, May 04
May 30, 2023 07:12, May 30 10:01, May 31
June 26, 2023 13:06, Jun 26 16:02, Jun 27
July 23, 2023 19:03, Jul 23 22:00, Jul 24
August 20, 2023 01:53, Aug 20 04:40, Aug 21
September 16, 2023 09:55, Sep 16 12:21, Sep 17
October 13, 2023 18:41, Oct 13 20:47, Oct 14
November 10, 2023 03:09, Nov 10 05:08, Nov 11
December 07, 2023 10:25, Dec 07 12:33, Dec 08


2023 General Prediction for Rohini Nakshatra


The last year was rather tough for you health-wise, but this year, there is a significant improvement in your vitals. This will reflect on your productivity as well. Still, you must not neglect your health as your health could trouble you around mid-2023. This could be mainly due to emotional distress which could lead to migraines or stomach aches etc. You could also feel physically drained around the same time. As long as you take care of these areas, you are good to go this year.

Career & Finance

The year starts with a bang! In the initial months, there will be significant progress on the professional front. While you may be on cloud nine, some colleagues might find it difficult to digest your success. So be careful while sharing your plans and confidential information. This year, your career is on the rise, make sure you align with the progress through hard work and a good work ethic.

Since your career profile remains mostly stable this year, your finances are also on the rise. If you are planning to invest, make sure to only rely on long-term plans. Some mild issues can be seen around the onset of the second quarter but overall the financial status is good.


A blissful year can be seen in terms of a relationship. Planetary transits and positions will support you in enabling energy and enthusiasm in the relationship. Overall, this year, you will enjoy the love and happiness that comes along

That’s all about Rohini Nakshatra, if you have more queries and questions about it then contact me for a deeper analysis.

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