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Desires & Destiny: The Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology


The eleventh house is the house of fulfilment and achievement. It represents all the hopes and wishes, achievements and aspirations that one holds in his or her life and for which one strives hard to attain happiness and success.

What does the 11th house represent?

The eleventh house indicates how a person’s goals are achieved or not achieved at any point of time in his/her life. If someone has lots of luck as per their birth chart then he/she will be successful financially at some point in their lives but if he does not have such luck then it can lead him towards bankruptcy or losing everything else except his job which will be enough for him because he knows that money is not everything in this world! The eleventh house governs that aspect.

This house can bring about gains from investments or business partnerships. If you are looking for a job opportunity in any field but have not been able to find one yet then chances are that the planet placed in this house will influence you to make connections with people who could help your cause as well as offer employment opportunities at their organizations or companies. The eleventh house rules the friends, wishes, and desires that people have in their lives. This can be a source of joy or a source of pain. It is important to stay close to your friends and have some kind of relationship with them because if you don’t have any connection with them then it will be difficult for you to achieve anything in life. Your friends may also help you achieve your goals if they are positive influences on your life but if they are negative influences then these people will not support or inspire you as they should so instead their presence in the 11th house would create problems for you as well as others around them (family members).

Who is the Lord of the 11th house in Vedic astrology?

In Vedic astrology, the eleventh house is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation. But it is also favourable when it comes to income, gain, prosperity, money, status and other worldly matters. It also represents your career, profession, education and social status

The eleventh house also indicates what you are striving for in your career or profession as well as who you want to become. It has been associated with work but it can also be related to money matters because it is considered that this house governs finances as well as investments. The eleventh house also rules income, gains, inheritance, savings, money, acquisitions and wealth. It signifies restriction in our daily lives due to which we are unable to make optimum use of our resources. If you have strong willpower then you can overcome this problem but if not then it becomes very difficult for you to live with such a person or situation. In Vedic Astrology 11th House is favourable when it comes to income and gain as well as prosperity because it represents all kinds of money-related issues like investments/savings etc.

The most important area of life that is governed by the eleventh house is friendship. It represents our friends, family, brotherhood and all those people who are like family to us. Friendships can play a large role in who we become as people. Friends are also very influential in shaping our careers or educational pursuits. They help you learn new things about yourself that may be hard for other people to understand because they don’t have personal experience with your situation or problem you’re working through at any given time when dealing with this type of relationship (friendship). Friendships are a source of support, inspiration and motivation. They can help you build your confidence and learn new skills or try new things. Friendships can also be a positive force in your life that helps you find your passion in life.

These factors affect your life as per the planet(s) placed in the eleventh house.

Planets in the Eleventh house & their representations


Sun gives the native enthusiasm and zeal to the native which helps him or her achieve their goals. This factor will play a key role in helping your dreams come true.  With the sun in the 11th house, your success will largely depend on the help of others. You will have an innate inclination towards spirituality and philosophy. You will be able to gather people’s attention and adoration much faster than others. The humanitarian and empathetic nature in you sees everything in shades of positivity.


The mind, emotions, and inner self, the Moon in the 11th house indicates emotional fulfilment. Your desires are incomplete without mental stability. You will always have an emotional connection to everything that you do- regardless of how you choose to do a project. The only reason why things might not work for you is when you lose the sense of belongingness. And since the eleventh house is all about hopes, wish fulfilment, and friendships, your emotional and mental health will depend on these factors. The nature of the moon is never stable, and there will be an imbalance when it comes to mood and emotions. This will result in frequent mood swings and ups and downs in life.


This can be referred to as the jackpot placement, given other conditions of your Kundli are fine. Jupiter always gives good results against all odds. And therefore, this placement in the house of desires and wish fulfilment fills your life with abundance and growth. There will be a lot of friendly relations in your circle who will be ready to offer you their help. Goodness not just comes to you; you will spread it in society equally. Your ideas and ideals will govern social causes due to Jupiter’s generosity.


With Venus  in the eleventh house, you will be the Belle of the ball, the life of any gathering. Meeting and befriending strangers will be a cakewalk for you. You will be driven by the desire to change the world for all the right reasons. There is a slight tendency in you to please your way to fulfil your desires. And while it may work for you in some cases, you face an identity crisis eventually for overdoing it. Venus also influences the native in having lots of desires. So, if you have Venus in the 11th house, you must regulate them. There will be a strong inclination towards creative arts, you must turn this passion into a profession as it can help accumulate fame and wealth.


Natives with Mars in their eleventh house will not stop until they achieve their goals. Mars gives them the energy and persistence to work through anything in life. It will also give you the desire and capability to lead people to betterment. While there is perseverance to fulfil your dreams, there is also impulsiveness to get things done your way- you should be careful about that. You must work on your tolerance and things will happen for your benefit.


Although Mercury as a planet has an adaptive nature, being placed in the eleventh house makes the natives serious. Said that you will have an intelligent charm and wit.  You will value those who are equally intelligent and think rationally. But this does not cost you prestige in society because your ideas and ideals are effective. Even when you are working in a group, your intellect will reflect in the result. There is a sense of philanthropy in them and therefore, their associations will be mostly related to advice and consultations. These natives need to stick to their ideals and voice them.


Saturn placed in its own house can be the ultimate life lesson one can get. Saturn  in the 11th house will make the natives practical, or at least teach them to be one. All your achievements will come with some amount of struggle and hurdles. This makes the native patient and hard-working. There will be lots of acquaintances but only a few will gain your trust. And only when the trust is cinched, do you consider them your ally.  Saturn here plays a vital role by helping you have a small yet wise circle.

History has it, when looking at how important relationships have been throughout time, it becomes obvious why this particular aspect was deemed so important by many cultures throughout generations–because it’s one way for humans to connect. Nations turn against each other, businesses fall out because of rivalry, and ultimately it is your circle that makes all the difference. Now that you understand the significance of this house, take a deeper look at it and change the course of your life through a Kundli analysis.

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