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What are Degrees of planets in your Kundli and astrology?


Whether you find astrology interesting or not, your zodiac sign, future, and changes in life due to planetary transits will always intrigue you. There is something about predictions that makes one sit down and think over it and may connect the dots. Regardless of how we perceive life, deep down we all know that the planets in various houses in our birth chart have a big role to play in our lives.

But wait, there is a catch!

There is so much more to Mars in the third house or Saturn in the ninth house. Yes, the placements of planets matter but what remains more significant are the degrees at which they are positioned.  It could be confusing for people to interpret the intensity of a planet. Degrees help assess such factors.

What is degree of planet in astrology?

The degree of a planet is deemed crucial in Vedic astrology. It tells one the effect of a planet and the intensity of the aspect. Another important reason why degrees matter is because it indicates when or how a planet will make an impact on your life.

To understand the degrees well, let us interpret them as human beings- growing, grooming, and full of life. The degree of a planet can be taken as the age of a person and so the planet will behave like any other human at that age. This way you also understand the right time of impact(s) of the planet in the native’s life.

0-1 Degrees

If any planet in your Kundli is placed at 0 degrees, then this planet is powerless- only at the time you are born. Consider an infant, and how it is entirely dependent on external support. Similarly, the 0-degree planet begins with nil effect. The impact comes as it gains strength gradually.  In most cases, it starts making an impact after 30 years of age. So, while the planet is powerless and garners strength later, other powerful placements will always have an edge over it.

1 to 5 Degrees

Any planet placed between 1 to 5 degrees is an enthusiastic one. It might have the energy but it does have the direction to make a significant impact. These planets get directed and guided by planets placed at higher degrees. The positive impact of such planets can be achieved by the force of other powerful planets.

6 to 17 Degrees

Planets placed between 6 to 17 degrees are the perfect example of an adolescent, ready to break free and take risks. There is power, zeal, and will to withstand everything. What could go wrong?  There is no experience.  Without it, there everything is on the verge of skyrocketing or falling apart. It is almost like sending an amateur athlete to play a huge tournament. So, the chances are, it will depend on the expertise of the planets placed at higher degrees.

18 to 25 Degrees

Do not fall for the numbers, this category represents the attributes of a mature adult almost close to a middle-aged person who knows a thing or two about life. This is the category of planets that gives the native the true experiences of life. Any native who has most planets at these degrees in their chart is bound to experience the peak of the planet’s effects— good, bad or neutral. It depends on the placement of the planet.

26 to 29 Degrees

This category represents the old and grey phase of life but is it dormant? Not even remotely. Also, it would be all the more beneficial for planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn to fall under this category. This way they lose their strength in terms of malefic results.

There is so much more to prediction than just your signs and planetary placements, the planetary degrees matter a lot. The science behind astrology is deeper than you think. So while you may think Sun may not be doing any favours to you despite its placement, it could be because of its degree or conjunctions. Contact me for a one-on-one, personalized birth chart consultation with me.

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