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The Nakshatra Series – Hasta Nakshatra


Next in the Nakshatra Series is Hasta Nakshatra, the hand. It stands thirteenth in the list of Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It falls between 10°00′ to 23°20′ in Virgo. It is best associated with the elements of the Moon as its ruling planet and Savitr (a form of the Sun) as its deities. It is known as The Golden Handed Star as its stars form the symbol of the palm of the hand like a blessing while symbolizing spiritual liberation and divinity. Read on to find the chief characteristics and traits of natives born under Hasta Nakshatra.

What is Hasta Nakshatra?

The phrase “best of both worlds” suits them the best. They have the power of the Sun and the energy of the Moon. They are effortlessly charming and perfectly inherit the qualities of the king and queen of the cosmos. Their brilliance does not limit to intellect and beauty, they are known for their core values. They could come out as slightly crafty to the world, with their calculative outlook. Their exclusivity shows in your aura and in their chivalry. And as witty as they are, they fall too quickly for sweet and kind gestures and words. This also becomes a reason behind their falling into traps.

Hasta Nakshatra Male

They are the captain cool of the league. They are sweet, humble and charismatic. This naturally gets them a lot of attention from the opposite gender. As long as it remains healthy, it works but they must steer clear of overindulging in the attention streak. Hasta Nakshatra males are also very kind and do not believe in flaunting their abilities or strengths.


The male natives are known for their strong ethics whether it is punctuality or professional outlook. It is easy for them to climb the ladder to success.  Their core inclination would always be towards launching their business. Still, they will try their luck in other fields of their interest before settling for business.

Health & Compatibility

allergies will always bother these natives leading to minor cold and cough issues. It is crucial for them to keep their nasal passage, throat, and lungs in the pink of their health through breathing exercises.

Hasta nakshatra males will mostly lead a simple married life which will hardly have any major lows. There is a possibility of friction in the union due to his desire of liking attention.

Hasta Nakshatra Female

Female natives are not the chatty kind, they are shy and mostly avoid unwanted interactions. People may perceive her as an introvert but those walls come down once they know her better. And as down to earth as they are, there is a wild side to them that hardly comes to the surface. Despite their nature, they do not shy away from expressing themselves if they see something wrong happening. This often brings resentment


Hasta females do not work out of financial constraints. In fact, most of them will be happy without a mainstream job. However, they should not let their creative inclinations go in vain and involve themselves in a venture.  they should try their hand at media, home decor, and wedding planning. Creative fields would not only give them recognition but also make them feel worthy. Regardless of their academic qualification, they are highly capable of making their name.

Health & Compatibility

Ailments and minor inconveniences related to varicose veins, asthma, and high blood pressure should not be ignored. Otherwise, health remains good.

There are chances of disappointments in relationships in their 20s, especially mid-20s. They should not date anyone without wise supervision. They can easily fall for manipulation and it only increases the chances of heartbreaks and trauma. Regardless of that, they will wind up in a good, supportive family.

Hasta Nakshatra 2023 Dates and Time

Date Beginning Time Ending Time
January 13, 2023 16:36, Jan 13 18:14, Jan 14
February 09, 2023 22:27, Feb 09 00:18, Feb 11
March 09, 2023 4:20, Mar 09 05:57, Mar 10
April 05, 2023 09:36, Apr 04 11:23, Apr 05
May 02, 2023 19:41, May 02 20:56, May 03
May 30, 2023 4:29, May 30 6:00, May 31
June 26, 2023 12:44, Jun 26 14:43, Jun 27
July 23, 2023 19:47, Jul 23 22:12, Jul 24
August 20, 2023 01:47, Aug 20 04:22, Aug 21
September 16, 2023 07:36, Sep 16 10:02, Sep 17
October 13, 2023 14:11, Oct 13 16:24, Oct 14
November 09, 2023 21:57, Nov 09 02:08, Nov 11
December 07, 2023 06:29, Dec 07 08:54, Dec 08


2023 General Prediction for Hasta Nakshatra

Career & Finance

May to August are not favourable for you in terms of career. You should not make big decisions and investments during this time as well. Keep yourself safe from recurring personal problems as they could deeply affect your performance. Avoid new ventures and commitments as it would get slightly challenging for you to remain stable.

Financial development remains neutral most of the year with major setbacks in the middle of the year. September will bring new opportunities but I would suggest you get a second and third opinion before investing your mind and energy.

Health & Relationship

It is more of a give-and-take situation for you this year. The more you invest in your health, the better it remains. That said, it would be best if you give yourself an ample amount of rest to recover.

New possibilities are on the way when it comes to your love life. What’s meant for you is gradually aligned with your path. Humbly accept what the universe is blessing you with.

That’s all for Hasta Nakshatra natives, the world notices you, make sure to give them a good show! There’s so much more to the picture, consult me for a detailed Kundli analysis.

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