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The Fallen Warrior: Weak Mars in Vedic Astrology

Let’s cover a planet that is closest to us, and without a doubt, has the most impact on us all. So much so, that there are numerous studies and research that keep us all wondering about this power-packed mighty mars. Let’s direct this towards the cosmos of Vedic astrology. Mars, also known as Mangal, embodies […]

Why are You Manglik? What are the Remedies for Your Mangal Dosha?

Are you a Manglik? You must be facing unnecessary delays in getting married.  In Hindu culture, if a boy or girl has mangal dosha in their kundali, it is not considered an auspicious sign for married life. In fact, they must have to get rid of this dosha to get married.  This is because Mangal […]

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Foresight by Priyanka
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