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Significance of Seventh House in the Vedic Astrology


There is something special about each house. But there is something remarkably special about the seventh house. Why? Because it depicts something every human on the face of the earth, deep down, desires it. Also, the houses before it (1st to 6th) signify some important aspects of life but they are all connected to the individual. But when it comes to the seventh house, it goes beyond self. It focuses on partnerships, soulmates, and marriage. It is among the primary focuses of any person. Let’s get familiar with the seventh house.

What does the 7th house represent?

The seventh house is the house of partnerships, with marital alliance being the most significant. It also governs some body parts like the lower back and pelvic area, and kidneys. It also represents diplomacy, negotiations, relations, tolerance etc. that makes or breaks a bond.

The condition of the seventh house can foretell a lot about your partner, the condition of your partnership, the timing of your marriage, and how you perceive relationships.

Planets in the 7th house as per Vedic Astrology

  • Sun in the 7th house

When Sun gets placed in the 7th house, it brings you immense profits and abundance- but only after an alliance. There is a huge possibility of marrying into an elite family that remains in limelight. The native definitely achieves security and stability after marriage.

  • Moon in the 7th house

A native with Moon in the 7th house gets a compassionate partner. Regardless of the alliance, marital or otherwise, your partner will support you in your endeavour. But here is the catch, the moon represents the mind and therefore, you should be the one to control your emotions.

  • Jupiter in the 7th house

Jupiter is all about abundance and therefore, it brings you abundance and opportunities after marriage. It happens and somehow the native knows it deep down. There is fame and the relationship is definitely talked about. But be cautious, even infamous alliances get their fair share of fame.

  • Venus in the 7th house

With Venus in the 7th house, you will definitely see the beauty of a marital alliance. Besides, luxuries and love in the bond there is prosperity. There is a fulfilment of desires and expectations in terms of romance.

  • Mars in the 7th House

A passionate relationship is on the cards. You are on the lookout for a partner that is brave and determined. A native with Mars in the seventh house will have a flourishing business under a partnership. However, they need to be careful with the marital bond and adjust a bit.

  • Mercury in the 7th house

While Mercury gives you a great personality and a successful marriage, it will require work. If Mercury is in any way afflicted then it will be difficult for you to get through the challenges. Worst case scenario, you will not be able to move on from unsuccessful relationships.

  • Saturn in the 7th house

When Saturn gets placed in the 7th house, you might not get the most romantic partner but you sure will find someone responsible. Saturn being a slow-moving planet might fetch your partner a little later than the rest but they will be worth the wait. The bond will be having its ups and downs but it will be a secured one.

There are so many things that the seventh house unveils. Your destiny awaits through this house. Consult me for a personalized kundli reading session to know more about the effect of partnerships in your life.

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