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Significance of Second House in Vedic Astrology


An important in the birth chart, the second house in Vedic Astrology is hailed as the House of Possessions. Rightly so, it signifies our financial matters and the materials we own. Other than wealth second house governs family, happiness, eyes and face. Take a look at the important aspects of the second house.

What does the 2nd house mean?

Lying next to the Lagna or first house, the second house plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Whatever we call an asset, a possession, or valuable in our lives. If the first house represents the self, then the second house is exactly what is important after that. The second house represents your bonds and assets that keep growing. It signifies your family, wealth, possessions, and material goods.

Your ability to earn and retain your finances can also be figured through the second house. It controls your affluence, budgeting, debt management, and inheritance. The stronger its condition the better your financial and family conditions. Apart from finance, the second house rules the neck, cheeks, throat, chin, tongue, and teeth.

What is the significance of the 2nd house?

What is the relevance of family and wealth in life? It is that important in Vedic astrology. Our possessions, bonds, and belongings define who we are. As long as your resources are used appropriately, and work according to the condition of your second house; you will rise higher.

Besides the materialistic pleasures, your happiness and contentment throughout life can be predicted by the condition of your second house. Since it rules over your speech it holds a strong influence over your verbal expression.  And planetary placements in this house will have a strong influence over your speech and communication-related fields.

Which planet is good in the 2nd house?

Although planet placements and conjunctions can have an impact on the 2nd house in several ways, some planets turn out to be better significators. The placement of Venus, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in the second house shows good results for the native.

It should also be noted that certain aspects and conjunctions will impact the condition of the second house. And so even if there is a beneficiary planet placed in the second house, it will affect you.

Who is the Lord of the 2nd house?

Traditionally the second house is ruled by the Taurus sign and Venus as its lord but as your ascendant sign changes so do the lord of the house. As explained in my previous blog, signs change but houses and their representations remain intact.

So, if your ascendant sign is Cancer, the second house is taken over by the sign of Leo, with Sun being the lord of the 2nd house. And if Sun is placed well in the chart, you will financially be secured for life with abundance in the family.

This applies to everyone respectively; your financial condition will largely depend on the planet(s) placed in the second house and the condition of the lord of the house. The most auspicious placements for the lord of the second house are either in the second house itself or trine. Also, if the lord of possessions (2nd house) is placed in the house of desires/ wish fulfilment (11th house), it is a great indication. These placements help in attracting wealth and monetary gains. 

What if 2nd house is empty?

An empty house is not a negative indication. In fact, some houses are better left vacant. In this case, it does not mean you will not have financial growth or stability. In such cases, see where the lord of the second house is placed or which planets are aspecting it. There is no way that the house of wealth is not governed/aspected by a planet in a lifetime. Don’t forget planetary transits happen frequently, this also affects and reflects on your family and wealth.

Vedic astrology, when perceived in the most practical and resourceful manner, can change your life. That said, anything in the universe, including prosperity, can be manifested and welcomed into your life. A kundli consultation with me can help you unveil the profitable possibilities coming your way.

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