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Interaction & Communication: Third House in Vedic Astrology


What is life without relationships? Communication is the foundation of human existence. Said that the third house cover governs these major pillars of life. But there is more to this house; curious to know? Read on to know.

What is the 3rd house responsible for?

The third house governs inclinations, communication, siblings, creativity, cognitive abilities, inclinations, and habits. And communication does not limit to how you express yourself. It governs how you choose to engage with people around you. How do you portray your personality to the world? And how do you exchange and present a piece of information? Although the communication signified through the third house is limited to neighbours and siblings but it tells a lot about how you adapt to the surroundings. Communication is not only verbal or written communication, it also represents the subconscious connection like telepathy power.

With communication comes creative abilities and intellect. The third house represents them all. Most professions related to travel and communication fall under the realms of the third house. This includes tourism, media, information technology, publishing, broadcast, writing, and the internet. Therefore, most writers, dancers, and artists are blessed with a powerful third house.

What planet does the 3rd house rule?

The sign of Gemini is related to the third house and that is how Mercury, the planet of communication, rules the house. Your third house governs the collarbone, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, breathing canal, and neck. When it comes to people, it represents your peers, co-workers, and siblings.

Planets in 3rd House of Kundli: Significance and Effects

  • Sun in 3rd House

You are bound to outshine others with your communication skills. You will be good at keeping in touch with others and staying connected. Sun in the third house will make you confident in your speech and approach. Your love for travelling will guide your decisions in life. Said that you will not be arrogant, you will be wise and full of knowledge.

  • Moon in 3rd House

You will be emotionally confident in your approach. Moon in the third house will make you intuitive, adaptive, and imaginative. Your creativity skills will enhance and you will be receptive to how others feel. Your bond with your siblings will be strong.

  • Jupiter in 3rd House

This is a good position for Jupiter as it will enhance mental abilities. Your intuitions and ability to concentrate will be strong. Right from a young age, the native will be able to grasp the information faster and better than others.

  • Venus in 3rd House

Your ability to express yourself is filled with wit and charm. Natives born with Venus in the 3rd house can turn an argument into a healthy discussion due to their soft skills.  But diplomacy does not work everywhere so know how to hold your ground.

  • Mars in 3rd House

Your zest, courage, and energy will be evident to everyone. Mars in the third house will inspire many around you; including your peers. You will be mentally alert, energetic, and cautious. But the Martian energy can sometimes make you decide hastily, so one needs to be careful about that.

  • Mercury in 3rd House

You will have a knack for conversing; regardless of who you speak with. The native with Mercury in the third house will make you quickly adapt to different environments. It will not be difficult for you to express what is on your mind. You will be good at most things, so it will be easy for you to juggle different professions and fields.

  • Saturn in 3rd House

This placement is not ideal for the native as s/he will face problems while communicating. Saturn is a slow planet and therefore your approach to smooth communication will be slightly problematic. Although the ability to adapt may not be great, you will have great introspection powers.

These planetary placements play a pivotal role in your life. Still, these are general predictions and the entire situation can be assessed through other planetary placements in different houses as well. Consult a top astrologer in India for a personalized reading to know your fate.

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